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 Natalie Monson, RD, is a former writer for Verywell covering child nutrition. She began her career in the medical field working with people with severe health problems and restricted diets. After leaving this field, she entered the childhood nutrition arena.

What started as a small blog, has now become a robust website reaching millions of people worldwide. Super Healthy Kids not only provides simple, fun, and delicious recipes but also a health membership to help parents create important health habits in their home. To complete the healthy eating package they sell 'kidsware' including the ChooseMyPlate for Kids that help kids know what a balanced plate should look like and parents to know what to put on their kids' plates!

Natalie has 3 children of her own and spends lots of time in the kitchen developing healthy recipes with lots of fruits and vegetables not only to feed her own children, but also to share with thousands of parents trying to feed their kids wholesome healthy foods.


Natalie has a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, from Brigham Young University. She completed her accredited dietetic internship from Utah State University.

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