MYX's II Plus Exercise Bike Offers Total-Body Workouts for the At-Home Exerciser

A full-service bike with a broad range of helpful, user-friendly accessories


Myx Fitness The MYX II Plus

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

What We Like
  • Unparalleled class variety

  • Compact and sleek design

  • Supports both on-demand and live classes

  • Includes weights, mats, a resistance band, and a heart rate monitor

What We Don't Like
  • Subscription required to take full advantage of the bike

  • Heavy and hard to move

  • Some on-demand classes look dated

  • Shipping may take longer depending on availability

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an alternative to a gym membership, the MYX II Plus Exercise Bike offers a variety of bike, floor, and cross-training classes for a total-body workout. The bike itself feels sturdy and comfortable, and the included weights and mats allow you to get a total-body workout. While live classes aren’t as extensive as some competitors, the price of the bike and the wide range of workouts offered through the Openfit app are the reasons I enjoyed my experience with the MYX II Plus bike.


Myx Fitness The MYX II Plus

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

We purchased the Myx II Plus Exercise Bike so our reviewer could put it to the test at home. Keep reading for our full review.

Now more than ever, people are turning to indoor bikes as an alternative to working out in studios or at the gym. 

Studies show that indoor cycling may help you lose weight, reduce blood pressure, and improve aerobic capacity, but the high price of some exercise bikes—often over $2,000—is a turn-off for many workout enthusiasts. At $1,599, the MYX II Plus offers both new and seasoned cyclists a more affordable way to enjoy full-body workouts at home. 

Equipped with mats, dumbbells, foam rollers, and more, the MYX II Plus is designed to completely replace your classic gym membership. The bike is also compatible with the Openfit and BODi apps, offering a wide range of live and on-demand workout classes with a $39-per-month subscription. 

Between the relatively budget-friendlier price and accessibility of the bike, the MYX II Plus is a serious competitor next to other at-home bike options. To see whether it would hold up, I put the bike, accessories, and app to the test by completing a variety of classes over six months—evaluating the design, performance, comfort, usability, and overall value of the MYX II Plus bike. 

Verywell Fit FYI

MYX Fitness issued a voluntary product recall on November 3, 2022, for their MYX I, MYX II, and MYX II Plus bikes due to potential injury risk if the bike's pedals are not properly installed or tightened. For your safety when using MYX indoor cycling bikes, MYX Fitness advises customers to tighten the pedals on their bike before their next ride, and every time they ride the bike for the following six weeks. If the pedals of your bike have previously detached from the crank and you have not yet set them in to get repaired by the MYX team, MYX urges you to contact the team and schedule a free in-home repair using the information provided on their website.

Whom It’s For

Because of the relatively lower price point, the MYX II Plus is a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking to try an at-home exercise bike for the first time, without spending an arm and a leg. The bike itself is easy to adjust, and the pedals allow you to wear either sneakers or shoes with SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) clips, which means that you don’t need to invest more in a specialty pair of cycling shoes. 

Anyone who is new to cycling or fitness will appreciate the variety of cycling, cross-training, and floor classes that fall under the “Level 1” category. If you’re more experienced, you can filter classes by “Level 2” and “Level 3” to provide yourself a more intense workout. 

Although there are plenty of live classes and the ability to turn on your camera for instruction, the classes didn’t appear super-personal, and you could cancel your sign-up at any time. Because of this, anyone needing some extra accountability or motivation may find that getting started on the bike is more challenging. 

Setup: Professional Delivery and Seamless Assembly

I live in a five-floor walk-up apartment in New York City. Even groceries are difficult to lug upstairs. So when I saw that the MYX II bike included full-service delivery, I was thrilled to learn that I wouldn’t have to hire an outside service to haul it up. 

From the second the order was placed until the moment the bike was sitting in my apartment, I was pleased with the first-class delivery service. XPO Logistics (the company that MYX used to deliver the bike) contacted me to set a scheduled delivery date and kept me posted until they arrived at the door of my apartment building. 

The bike comes fully-assembled, so a lot of setup wasn’t required. The delivery men completed a few finishing touches, like tightening screws, mounting the display, and plugging in the power, and they also explained how to adjust the bike for my height. 

After the delivery men left, I noticed that the plastic around the area where the pedal met the bike was cracked, and I couldn’t use the bike without hearing a loud screeching sound. I quickly got in touch with MYX and sent them a photo of the bike, and they sent me a replacement part. It arrived no more than three days later, and I was impressed by the customer service. 

Design: Sleek and Compact for Small Spaces

The MYX II bike comes in two colorways: Deep Charcoal and Natural White. The white option was an easy pick for me, and I love that it fits seamlessly into the look of my apartment. 

In addition to the color, I love the sleek, ergonomic look of the bike. The narrow frame, which measures 55 x 21 inches, is accompanied by an adjustable saddle, adjustable handlebars, and a flywheel that uses friction resistance. I found it super-easy to adjust to my height, and because of the heavy weight capacity of 350 pounds, you can be confident you’ll feel comfortable, no matter your size.

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

One of my favorite things about the design of the MYX II bike is that it comes with dual-sided pedals, so you can use either SPD clips or sneakers. Since I’m still fairly new to indoor cycling, I’m not ready to invest in specialty shoes and was able to pedal with my go-to athletic sneakers instead. 

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

Another way this bike stands apart from the competition is its massive touchscreen display. Measuring 21.5 inches diagonally, the screen is sleek and easy to use. It also swivels 360 degrees, which I found helpful when doing cross-training or bodyweight workouts that required me to work off of the bike. 

Compatibility: Smooth Connection to Available Apps

As soon as the MYX II bike is set up, you can start using it. But if you really want to make the most of this comprehensive piece of exercise equipment, signing up for an account with one of the bike’s compatible apps—like Openfit and/or BODi—is a must. 

BODi is a class system that includes live courses that allow you to interact with your instructor. The personal attention definitely seems nice (and makes the bike stronger competition to companies like Peloton), but at an extra $20/month, I didn’t feel the need to make the investment.

Instead, I signed up for Openfit at $39/ month, which I think is a must. Getting set up was easy, as it could be done directly on the MYX II bike’s screen. I followed the step-by-step instructions to create an account and then downloaded the Openfit app on my phone so I could access the class schedule, my stats, and other information directly from my device. 

Workouts: Multiple Classes for a Gym-Like Feel 

By downloading the Openfit app and signing up for a monthly subscription, you’ll gain access to thousands of on-demand and live classes. Some classes only require the bike, while others are cross-training sessions or classes that don’t need the bike at all.

On the bike, I discovered a variety of classes, including endurance, recovery, climbing, and even classes that allow you to explore terrain across the globe. I would say that the scenic rides are definitely more relaxing and meditative, whereas the studio classes led by instructors will get your heart rate up in no time. 

I still wouldn’t say I’ve reached the level of “cycling enthusiast,” which is why I almost always opted for cross-training classes when using the bike. These sessions allowed me to spend part of the workout on the bike or on the floor doing additional work, like weight training. 

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

I also liked the floor-specific workouts like barre, strength, yoga, HIIT, and Pilates classes. As with rides, these are either performed in a live session or as a pre-recorded, on-demand class. I preferred the live classes because you get a sense of community with everyone in the class. It was also nice to hear the instructor’s voice—and if you opt to turn your camera on, you can get instruction on your form in real-time. 

When browsing for a workout, you can narrow down available classes by the level of intensity (levels 1 through 3) and duration of the class (anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes). Other filters include the trainer, type of class, body areas targeted, and the music the class is set to. I recently took a total-body strength class with Trainer Casey and loved her energy, and it’s nice to know that I can easily find her classes in the future.

You can easily access the on-demand classes at any time, but you’ll have to sign up for the live classes, since the amount of participants is capped. My schedule isn’t always the same from day to day, so I often chose my workout the night before. The classes I preferred were sometimes already full, which was frustrating, but there typically was a similar class within a couple of hours of my desired workout time. 

I worked out with multiple instructors, who all had a personal style of interacting with riders. They always check in with you shortly after the workout is complete by sending you a text thanking you for joining and offering assistance if needed. 

Accessories: Helpful Additions for a More Challenging Workout

You can purchase the MYX II bike alone, but if you want more of a gym replacement, consider upgrading to the MYX II Plus for an additional $200. 

The MYX II Plus bike comes with a six-piece weight set that includes a kettlebell and dumbbells, and you can choose from three weight options, including a light weight set (Dumbbells= 3, 6, 9 pounds. Kettlebell= 15 pounds), a medium weight set (Dumbbells= 6, 9, 12 pounds. Kettlebell= 20 pounds), and a heavy weight set (Dumbbells= 9, 12, 15 pounds. Kettlebell= 25 pounds). I chose the medium set and was pleasantly surprised by its quality. Both the dumbbells and kettlebells are coated in a non-slip coating that makes them super-comfortable to use. I didn’t experience any discomfort while performing even higher-intensity moves.

The bike also ships with two mats—a stabilizer mat (2 x 4 feet) and an exercise mat (2.5 x 6 feet). The stabilizer mat goes under the bike so that it won’t damage your floor, and it makes your ride feel a little more secure. The larger mat is great for floor workouts, because it offers enough surface area to stretch out on.

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

I also appreciated the additional accessories, like the foam roller, which helped to relieve tension pre- and post-workout, and the resistance band, which was ideal for adding a little challenge to bodyweight moves. 

Instead of having to go out and buy a separate heart rate monitor to track performance, the MYX II Plus comes with a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor that was super-simple to set up and easy to adjust. There is a nifty charging spot on the back of the bike screen for the heart rate monitor, and I found that it charged fairly quickly. If you don’t want to use the heart rate monitor, you can also connect your Apple Watch to the app instead to track heart rate and more while using the bike. 

Metrics: Individualized Heart Rate-Based Training 

I’m a regular gym-goer, but I know that what feels like a strenuous workout to me might not be as challenging for the person next to me. That’s why MYX measures your intensity with heart rate monitoring versus resistance level or cadence. 

The bike comes with a Polar heart rate monitor that’s easy to set up via the home screen. Once it’s paired, you can track your heart rate at any given time during your workout by referring to an easy-to-read menu on the left side of the bike’s screen. 

Prior to beginning my first real workout on the bike, I was asked to complete a 20-minute zone calibration ride to assess my cardiovascular fitness level. That allowed the software to customize three separate target heart rate zones based on my personal heart rate levels to increase the effectiveness of my workout. Often, trainers would tell the class to aim for specific heart rate zones, which is why the included heart rate monitor is so helpful. 

When riding or completing floor exercises, you can also see other metrics, like calories burned, speed, cadence, and distance. The metrics are shown in real-time and recorded so you can look back on your fitness journey and progress. 

Motivation: Supportive coaches and badges of success

From the day you start using your MYX II Plus bike, you can access features that can help you reach your personal fitness goals. Badges are given—including 25 classes, fit week challenge, streak, and more—to offer some motivation to continue completing workouts. 

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

While in classes, I found that other factors kept me motivated and ready to give it my all. From my experience, all of the instructors were super-helpful, encouraging you without pushing you to go beyond your limit. And in live classes, other members can comment with emojis or words of encouragement in real-time, which makes the workouts seem more like a studio experience. 

Turning on the camera during a live class is another way to stay accountable and motivated. While you can choose to turn it off if you want some privacy (or, in my case, when my apartment was an absolute mess), leaving it on allows your instructor to praise your form or make constructive comments to help you nail the next move. 

Overall Health: Focus on Both Physical, Nutritional, and Mental Health

Being healthy requires a focus on mental stability, emotional balance, physical well-being, and more. As a result, I was thrilled to see that MYX Fitness and Openfit include additional features that help contribute to overall health and well-being. 

On the app and bike screen, you can use the Openfit Tracker to track your nutritional intake for the day. You can also log photos and food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. While I’m personally not trying to change up my diet right now, for those who are interested users can set up a meal plan after answering a few questions in a questionnaire. From there, you can access a variety of curated recipes under categories like “quick snacks” and “ready in under 15 minutes.”

When it comes to the workouts, the instructors are great at encouraging mindfulness and healthy mental practices as well. For example, Christina (one of my favorite ride instructors) asked us to focus on our breath while peddling. She also took breaks to ask us to be kind to ourselves and to offer us positive encouragement. I found myself jumping off the bike feeling refreshed, both mentally and physically. 

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

Price: Comparable to a Typical Yearly Gym Membership

The MYX II Plus isn’t inexpensive by any means, but if you’re in the market for a quality exercise bike, this one is significantly less expensive than its main competition: the Peloton Bike+, which starts at $2,495. 

For $1,599, you get the bike, two mats, a foam roller, a resistance band, a six-piece weight set with a kettlebell, and the Polar OH1 heart rate monitor. You won’t have to run out to buy extra accessories to improve your home workout experience, but if you don’t need all of the extras, you can also purchase the MYX II without accessories for $1,399.

An Openfit membership costs $39/month. With gym memberships in my area starting at $70 per month, signing up for Openfit actually saves me money. A BODi by Beachbody membership is also available for an additional $20 per month.

Whether you go with a Peloton Bike+ or an MYX II Plus, you’re going to be paying the same for the streaming app. However, thanks to the included accessories (which Peloton doesn’t offer), in my opinion, you get more overall value with the MYX II Plus.

The Competition

Nowadays, the market is saturated with high-end and basic indoor bikes. The MYX II bike is considered to be on the high end of the spectrum, with competition like the Stryde Bike and the Peloton Bike

Both of these alternatives connect to an immersive app, but in terms of price, the Peloton Bike+ will set you back an extra $900, compared to the MYX II Plus. The Stryde bike is more affordable at $1,795. But both bike options lack one thing that the MYX II Plus has: a variety of accessories for a more challenging workout.

myx ii plus review

Verywell Fit / Megan Foster

How We Tested

To thoroughly evaluate the design, performance, comfort, usability, and overall value of the MYX II Plus, I tested the bike for over six months—completing a variety of classes offered on the Openfit app. 

I’m new to at-home cycling and only completed a couple of in-studio classes prior to receiving the MYX II Plus bike. Because of my minimal experience, I started by cycling for shorter periods of time in either 15- or 20-minute cycling workouts, or 30- to 45-minute cross-training workouts (where I would spend the first half of the class on the bike, and the second half completing floor work). After gaining some experience and working on my endurance, I signed up for live cycling classes, scenic rides, and pre-recorded cycling workouts that lasted up to 60 minutes. 

I also logged over 60 floor workout classes that consisted of live classes and pre-recorded classes. Within those classes, I opted for everything from core workouts to total-body workouts to yoga classes. One of the features I appreciate the most about the Openfit app is that you can sign up for programs and challenges. I completed a 14-day Ab + Booty Bootcamp, and at the end of my last session, I received a badge to commemorate my program completion.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a replacement for a monthly gym membership, the MYX II Plus bike is a great option that offers a variety of workout classes and doesn’t break the bank. 
After months of putting the MYX II bike, the Openfit app, and the included accessories to the test, I’m confident in saying that the MYX II Plus is a valuable investment. It’s significantly less expensive than competition that includes the same design, and the sleek, compact profile is great for small spaces.
Although the amount of classes available doesn’t compare to that of the competition, the variety of classes is something I found super-impressive. As a person who likes to focus on weight training in addition to cardio, I could count on the MYX II Plus to offer a great alternative to heading to the gym.


  • Product Name The MYX II Plus
  • Product Brand Myx Fitness
  • Weight 150 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 55 x 47 x 21 in.
  • Touchscreen Size 21.5 inches
  • Max User Weight 350 pounds
  • User Height Range 4’ 11” - 6’ 8”
  • Subscription MYX+Openfit: $39/month; BODI: $29/month
  • What’s Included MYX II Plus Bike Stabilizer Mat (2 x 4 feet); Exercise Mat (2.5 x 6 feet); EVA Foam Roller (24 inches long); Resistance Band; Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor; 6-Piece Weight Set with Kettlebell: Light (Dumbbells= 3, 6, 9 lbs. Kettlebell= 15 lbs), Medium (Dumbbells= 6, 9, 12 lbs. Kettlebell= 20 lbs), Heavy (Dumbbells= 9, 12, 15 lbs. Kettlebell= 25 lbs); Optional Weight Rack (Extra $150)
  • Resistance Type Friction Resistance
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