The Best 3-Day Detox After Vacation

The 3-Day Cleanse Diet to Undo Holiday Damage

Are you looking for a 3-day detox after vacation, holiday, or indulgent weekend? There is a commonly used three-day cleanse diet that works quickly and effectively.

There are several good detox diets that experts recommend, but not every plan works for every dieter. Every dieter is different and quick fix plans often rebound. This plan, however, is general enough and simple to follow to help anyone reclaim their body after a few days.

Why Use a 3-Day Detox?

After you come home from work travel or a fun vacation, you might feel bloated, heavy and out of sync. Sound familiar? When many of us are on the road, we often eat more junk food than we should and we may even skip a few workouts.

While you could simply return to your regular healthy eating habits and wait for your body to slowly respond and go back to your normal weight, most of us want a faster fix. This 3-day detox diet helps you to feel better, clean up your eating habits, and usually lose the extra vacation pounds too.

You can use this program to get ready for a special event or after a period of unhealthy overeating, like a holiday or a special weekend. Keep in mind, however, that it is not meant for quick, drastic weight loss. Instead, the program follows good eating guidelines established by the USDA.

Can a 3-Day Cleanse Diet Help Me Detox?

Some people will do a detox diet cleanse to release harmful toxins from their bodies. The bad news is that no diet can really "detox" your body. The good news, however, is that you already have systems in place to take care of that function. Experts will tell you that your body's tissues and organs are always removing harmful toxins. So there is no need to go on a special diet to cleanse your body.

But a diet can feel like it provides a detoxifying effect. After you complete a 3-day cleanse diet, your body may look and feel different. And your eating habits are "detoxed" as well.

During the 3-day plan, you eat whole, natural foods. This helps you to change the way you taste food so you no longer crave the salty, crunchy high-fat foods that you may have gotten used to on vacation.

So do you lose weight on the 3-day diet? Many people do. Some notice that they slim down a bit so that clothes are no longer tight and uncomfortable. And since you crave only natural sugars from fresh fruit, unsalted fresh veggies, and healthy meals, the extra vacation pounds generally stay off for good.

The 3-Day Cleanse

The diet cleanse is super simple. It requires no special or hard-to-find foods. But it does require you to get organized, plan and cook a few meals. Smart dieters can prepare meals in advance so there is no temptation to eat incorrectly.

  • Step one: Stop eating all unhealthy carbohydrates. Avoid refined grains and starchy, processed foods. Instead, build meals around lean protein and fresh, raw or steamed veggies. At some meals, you might choose to include a single serving of whole grains (like a 1/4 cup of brown rice) or a small serving of a skim dairy product.
  • Step two: Put away the salt shaker and avoid adding sauces or condiments to your food. Many condiments, like barbecue sauce, salad dressing, and tomato sauce provide added sugars and sodium. Sprinkle fresh herbs on food if you need extra flavor.
  • Step three: Eat whole fresh fruit when you're craving something sweet. This step can be the most difficult because many of us crave a baked good to calm our sugar cravings. But empty calories from cookies, bars, cakes, and bars provide unnecessary calories, fat, and sugar.
  • Step four: Drink water. Try to avoid high-calorie coffee drinks, alcohol, and other flavored drinks that contain natural or artificial sweeteners. If you feel like you need to add flavor to your water add fresh fruit (berries, kiwi, orange slices) or cucumber.

    A Word From Verywell

    No quick fix plan is smart for significant weight loss. But sometimes, a few days of clean eating is helpful to reset your taste for healthy food and bring your body back to where it was before vacation. During this 3-day cleanse you eat foods that are natural, unprocessed, and full of nutrition. Of course, in a perfect world, this is how we would eat all the time. But that's not realistic for most of us, given our busy lives and hectic schedules. Most of us can, however, do it for three days.

    At the end of the 3-day cleanse diet program, you may notice that your salt threshold, sugar threshold, and starch threshold feel like they are reset so that you want to eat good food again. And when you fill your refrigerator with nutritious foods, your body stays healthy and strong for the long term.  

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