Best Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get fit at home. With a minimal budget and a little bit of floor space, you can set up a basic home gym and bring fitness into your home.


Fitness At Home - Best Equipment for a Home Gym

Fitness At Home
Fitness At Home. Photo © E. Quinn

Of course, a home gym can be elaborate and include every piece of fitness equipment made, but some of the most effective home gyms are nothing more than a bit of empty floor space that allows you to do body weight workouts or dumbbell workouts with lots of variety. If you are a specialized athlete--a runner, or cyclist, for example--you will likely have one favorite training method, and know the specific fitness equipment you want in their home gym.

If you need some help getting started with your at home fitness routine, the following fitness equipment could be considered some "must haves" for creating a basic home gym, especially if you are on a budget.


Home Gym - Floor Space

floor space for a home gym
you need a bit of floor space for a home gym.
Floor Space

It may sound old-fashioned, but it's true that you can get a complete workout with just some empty floor space and basic training techniques, such as the Navy Seals Workout or calisthenic exercises.

In fact, the simple push up is perhaps the most underrated upper body strength exercise that requires no fitness equipment at all.

Floor space also allows you to do


Home Gym Equipment - Dumbbells

Dumbbell Workouts
Dumbbell Workouts. Photo: Photodisc / Getty Images


As far as fitness equipment goes, dumbbells are versatile, inexpensive and small. They allow a full body weight workout in a very small space.

Check out's Weight Training site for a complete dumbbell workout.



Home Gym Equipment - Pull Up Bar

Pull Up Bar
Pull Up Bar. (c) pricegrabber
Pull Up Bar

After push ups, pull ups may be the next best upper body strength training exercise you can do with minimal fitness equipment. Many people are intimidated by the idea of doing pull ups, but with a slow, gradual training plan, anyone can learn how to do pull ups.

Pull Up Bars


Home Gym Equipment - Jump Rope

The Jump Rope
The Jump Rope. Scott Thomas / Getty Images
  • Jump RopeWant to add some cardiovascular exercise or interval training to your home workout routine? If you have a small budget and not much space, you can't do better than a jump rope.
    After you master the basics, jumping rope can boost cardiovascular fitness, improve balance and agility, increase muscular strength and endurance, all while it burns lots of calories.
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    Jump Ropes

Home Gym Equipment- Running Shoes

Running Shoes
Running Shoes. Photo (c) Terje Rakke / Getty Images
Running Shoes

Running is the simplest way to get a great workout anytime and nearly anywhere. Running shoes are about all you need, and while they can be expensive, new research shows that moderately priced running shoes are just as good as expensive ones. Look for a shoe that works for your foot type and running style.

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Running Shoes


Must Have Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym - A Box, Step or Bench

Bench Step Exercise
Bench Step Exercise. Yellow Dog Productions / Getty Images
A Box, Step or Bench

A box can allow you to do more than just step aerobics, you can use it for plyometrics and weighted step ups (hold your dumbbells) or step downs, tricep dips and even inclined or declined push ups (push ups with either your hands or toes up on the box).

An Adjustable step

Plyometric Exercise Box


Home Gym Equipment for a Bigger Budget - Rowing Machine

The Rowing Machine
The Rowing Machine. Photo: Scott Barbour / Getty Images

For a bigger budget, the one best piece of cardio and strength equipment may just be the rowing machine.

My personal pick is the Concept 2 rowing machine.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine

This machine is found in every elite rowing team and club around the world. At $900, it's not an inexpensive piece of fitness equipment, however, it provides an efficient, total body strength and endurance workout.

The machines are extremely durable and hold their value for years. You can often find used Concept 2 rowers on your local Craigslist under the sporting good section.


The Most Important Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym Is You

Drew Kelly / Getty Images

The most important fitness equipment you have in your home gym, however, is your own body and mind.

No fitness equipment will make you faster, stronger, or set a new personal best for you. Whether you have the latest fitness equipment or just empty floor space and motivation, you will get results from a workout routine only when you do the work, with consistency and passion.

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