Misfit Shine 2 Activity Tracker Review

The now-discontinued fitness device automatically tracks steps, sleep, and more

Misfit Shine 2
Misfit Shine 2. Courtesy of Amazon.com
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The Misfit Shine 2 is a fitness tracker that automatically logs your steps, workouts, and sleep, but it's perhaps best known for its sleek disc design, a welcome change from some of the bulkier wearable trackers on the market. It clocks in at just 8 millimeters, making it easy to wear from day to night and to consistently monitor your activity and set new goals.


This model has been discontinued but is still available via third-party vendors. The Misfit Ray, a newer fitness tracker by the same brand, comes in a slim, cylindrical design with similar features.

Who Should Use the Misfit Shine 2?

If you want to be more active, stay accountable, and not fuss with constantly starting and stopping a tracker, the waterproof Misfit Shine 2 is an ideal choice because it automatically tracks all activities, even the length and quality of your sleep. You can wear it as a fitness band on your wrist or in a clasp attached to your shoe, waistband, or collar.

It syncs via a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device—not a computer—and is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Windows devices. And because it's battery-operated, the Shine 2 can last up to 6 months, depending on the amount of use.

Misfit Shine 2 Features

From tracking miles and REM sleep to alerting you when you've been sitting too long, this tracker was created to help you become more engaged and interactive with your health and fitness goals. Here are some of the ways it can keep you on track:

  • Steps, distance, and calories: The Shine 2 tracks all of these for each automatically detected workout. It then grades the intensity of your activity to add to the daily points total, with a goal of 1,000 points per day. The Shine 2 encourages moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, awarding more points to a strenuous workout vs. a gentle stroll.
  • Workouts: The Shine 2 automatically classifies workouts as light, moderate, or vigorous as well as walking/running, cycling, or swimming. For each workout, you can see the start and stop time (with an option to edit these), duration, distance, calories burned, and steps.
  • LED display: The Shine 2 has 12 multicolor LED lights that illuminate with a tap to show time, number of steps completed, and notifications.
  • Sleep: The Shine 2 automatically tracks sleep quality and duration, including light and restful sleep totals and time awake during the sleep period. You have the option to edit the start and end of the sleep period to ensure accuracy.
  • Food: While it doesn't count calories, by taking a photo of your meal and adding it to your daily scroll, the Shine 2 serves as a food diary so you can be more cognizant of what you're eating.
  • Motivational tools: You win badges for reaching (or exceeding) your goal each day and for streaks of making goals over a period of days. You can even compare your mileage to tangible distances like the California coastline or the moon's circumference.
  • Move alerts: New for the Misfit 2 are timed vibrations to get you moving if you've been sitting too long. You can set alerts as frequently as every 20 minutes or up to two hours in multiples of 20 minutes. Keep in mind this is an alert only—the Misfit 2 doesn't record inactive time in your daily summary.
  • Notifications: Vibrations indicate an alarm, calls, or texts, so you know to reach for your phone if needed.
  • App: After all of the moving, it's time to see the results. The integrated app shows you daily (and weekly) steps, calories, and miles, as well as a graph illustrating when you were most active. The summary also includes your sleep graph and automatically tracked workouts for each day.

How to Wear the Misfit Shine 2 

Like the original, the Shine 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in matte black and rose gold. While the original Misfit attached via a magnet, the Misfit 2 fits into nylon clips.

You can wear it as a clasp or on your wrist in the sport band, but some complain that the tracker pops out. Make sure to test it in different ways before you head outdoors where you could potentially lose it. You can also consider adding a pedometer safety strap if you're going to wear it with the clasp.


The Misfit Shine 2 hits most marks in both form and function, but there are a few aspects that could use improvement:

  • It doesn't offer the depth of information you'll find in some fitness trackers. If you're a serious athlete, for example, this isn't a substitute for a GPS-based running watch.
  • Though the brand released a newer mesh metal option in addition to its original rubber sport band, some say the tracker still pops out.
  • While there are benefits of keeping a food journal, the food log in the Shine 2 is still somewhat bare bones.

Bottom Line

The Misfit Shape 2 has a lot to offer in a slim, stylish, waterproof package without the need to charge it every few days like other fitness trackers. The ability to automatically log steps and workouts is a helpful way to monitor your health without having to think about it constantly. The alerts to get up and move can be especially handy. Unlike smartwatches, the Shine 2 doesn't have apps for your email, texts, or phone calls, but it's also at a far lower price point. The main downside is the mixed reviews on wearability.

While this tracker has been discontinued, you may find it via third-party sellers. If you want to opt for the brand's most up-to-date model, you may want to consider the Misfit Ray.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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