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Misfit Shine 2
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Misfit understands that a fitness tracker should be stylish if you're going to wear it all day and all night. The Misfit Shine 2 activity tracker had many fans for its design and ease of use. This model has been discontinued as the Misfit company concentrates on smartwatches instead.

Who It's For

The Shine 2 is best for people who want to be more active and like having everything tracked automatically. You never have to start or stop tracking for workouts and sleep. It is waterproof and it is built to track swimming and cycling as well as walking and running. You can wear it as a fitness band on your wrist or in a clasp on your shoe, waistband or neckband. It's stylish and versatile. You must have a Bluetooth-capable mobile device for it to sync to, and it doesn't sync to a computer.

What It Tracks 

Like the original Misfit Shine, the Misfit Shine 2 tracks steps, calories burned and distance, both all-day and the total for each automatically detected workout, plus sleep quality and sleep duration.

Move Alerts: New for the Misfit 2, it has vibrating Move alerts that you can customize. I love that you can set the alert for any multiple of 20 minutes from 20 minutes to two hours of inactivity. However, this is only an alert, it isn't tracked or totaled in any way. That's a start to help reduce long periods of sitting, but it would be even better to see inactive time listed in the daily summary.

The Misfit 2 has a new vibrating alarm and call and text notifications. Plus, it can be used with the Misfit Link app to perform Smart Button actions such as ringing your phone or taking a photo.

It doesn't have a numerical display, but it has 12 multicolor LED lights that light up with a tap to show the time and your progress to your step goal, plus smart notifications.

App Display: The app shows you a daily total of steps, calories, and miles, and a graph so you can see when you were active. Weekly totals and a graph show how you are performing over time. You can scroll down to see your sleep graph and the automatically tracked workouts for each day.

Steps, Distance and Calories: The Shine 2 tracks all-day steps, distance, and calories. The app grades the intensity of your activity to add to the daily Points total, with a goal of 1000 points per day. Vigorous activity adds more points than taking an easy stroll. This encourages moderate-to-vigorous physical activity as recommended for health and fitness.

Workouts: The Misfit 2 automatically detects workouts and classifies them as light activity, moderate activity or vigorous activity and classifies workouts as walking/running, cycling or swimming. For each workout, you see the start and stop time, duration, distance, calories burned and steps. You can edit the start and end time.

Food and Weight Logging: You can log your weight. You only log food by taking a photo of it, which then is shown on the daily scroll. You can't tally calories that way, but it is a baby step towards being aware of what you eat. Perhaps they will expand this capability in future app development.

Sleep: Sleep is automatically detected and it shows a graph of your sleep period with light and restful sleep totals and time awake during the sleep period. You can edit the start and end of the sleep period to make it more accurate. More: Sleep-Tracking Activity Monitors

Motivation and Social: You get badges for reaching your goal each day and for exceeding it and for streaks of making goals over a period of days. You can see how far your distance total would put you for walking the California coastline or the moon's circumference. You can create a social persona and add friends who also have a Misfit. More: 10 Ways Your Pedometer Can Motivate You

How to Wear It 

Like the original Misfit Shine, the Misfit Shine 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It comes in matte black and rose gold. You can wear it either as a clasp or on a wrist in the sport band. However, the original Misfit attached via a magnet while the Misfit 2 fits into nylon clips and clasps.

While I like the sport band to wear on the wrist, the clasp you use to wear it on your waistband, shoe, shirt or bra is very insecure. It would be smartest to add a pedometer safety strap if you are going to wear it with the clasp. I can't keep it securely on my waist and, in fact, it once flipped into the toilet. Thank heavens that happened at home and the Misfit is water resistant so I had only to rinse it off. I've had good success in wearing it on my shoe while pedaling my stationary cycle.

The sport band also has issues, you use a stiff back piece to attach it to the stretchy band. I've had it pop out, and other users report losing their Shine 2 after only a few wearings. Accessories that hold the original Shine are too small for the Shine 2, so until this is redesigned I have to give it a failure rating. Redesigns are in the works. That's good because I like the styling and the function.


  • It's attractive and you have options for where to wear it.
  • I love having everything tracked automatically. I don't have that moment when I forgot to start or stop a workout or sleep period.
  • I love the ease of use of the app and its easy syncing with Bluetooth.


  • It doesn't give you the depth of information that some fitness trackers do, and it is not a substitute for a GPS-based running watch.
  • The band and clasp need immediate improvement as they currently don't do the job.
  • The food logging is bare bones. 

If the band and clasp were improved, I could recommend the Misfit as an alternative to the Fitbit. But as it currently stands, I would probably give the new Misfit Ray a try instead. It has a cylindrical design allows it to be worn on the wrist or on a necklace or other jewelry. It has the same basic features as the Shine 2 in other respects

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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