Mindwalks: 100 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Stay Motivated

Nourish Your Mind and Soul with a Mindwalk

Camino - Shadow and Farms
Camino - Shadow and Farms. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Walking mindfully is an excellent way to deal with the stresses of life, and to prepare for a journey such as the Camino de Santiago.

"Mindwalks: 100 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Stay Motivated and Nourish Your Soul" is no New Age psychobabble book. Instead, it is the solution to a problem you might not have known you had: how to add interest to your daily walk. If you are beginning to balk at going out the door, it's time to spice it up as well as to sharpen your senses and maybe even jump start your thinking and problem-solving processes. MindWalks can do that.


Each MindWalk gives you an activity to concentrate on during your walk. They run the gamut from mostly-physical to mostly-sensing to mostly-thinking. My psychobabble shields were up when I opened the book, but they quickly came down as I enjoyed the MindWalks.

With 100 different MindWalks, this book can be useful for solo walkers or give walking partners or groups some activities to focus on. Tired of hearing about Anna's aunt Sissy but reluctant to tell your walking partner to get a better topic? Time to get a copy of MindWalks to provide diversionary activities for the two of you!

Mindwalks Examples

1. Look for One Special Thing Train yourself to find one special thing - a sight, a sound, a thought - on every walk you take. You'll find you pay more attention to the world around you, and notice details you might have overlooked. A MindWalk is about discoveries.
2. Do a Flip: Try walking backwards for a few steps. At the same time, make yourself reverse whatever negative thoughts might be bothering you. Telling yourself to "flip it" can give you a new perspective on old problems.
3. Ask Yourself a 3D Question If you're trying to solve a problem, ask yourself the same question 3 different ways. Phrasing a dilemma differently an help you come up with answers you might not have thought of.
4. Create a Temporary Work of Art: Collect small beautiful objects as you walk and arrange them in a way that pleases your eye - at home or along your path. Create a secret, fleeting gift to yourself and the world.

Author Mary Frakes

Author Mary Frakes found that walking gave her even more benefits from the neck up as from the neck down, giving her the time to think clearly about problems, combat stress, set and achieve goals, and sense and enjoy simple pleasures and sights around her. Most walking books tell how to walk for exercise, but don't have suggestions on how to use walking for the mental benefits, and how to keep motivated and interested.

MindWalks Web Site

You can buy the MindWalks book at the MindWalks website, where she has other goodies for you as well.

  • My MindWalks Journal: A Record of Discoveries. A blank journal with quotations.
  • MindWalks With Music (audiotape)
  • Free e-mail newsletter, Life Lessons. Every couple of weeks, you'll get a collection of quotes, tips, and useful suggestions to inspire you, pamper you, and make it easier to balance the demands of work, home and your inner life.
  • Suggestions on how to form a MindWalks walking group.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. 

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