Walking Time for Distances From a Mile to a Marathon

See how long it will take at different walking speeds

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How many miles are there in a 5K, 10K, marathon or half marathon race or walk? How long does it take to walk those distances at a fast pace, a moderate pace, or an easy pace? Here are the basics for these common race distances:

  • Kilometer: A kilometer is 0.62 miles, 3281.5 feet, or 1000 meters.
  • Mile: A mile is 1.61 kilometers or 5280 feet.
  • 3K: 3 kilometers equals 1.85 miles, 9842.5 feet, or just a little less than 2 miles. This is a common distance for charity walks, especially those with accessible routes.
  • 5K: 5 kilometers equals 3.1 miles. This is a common race distance for charity walks and fun runs.
  • 10K: 10 kilometers equals 6.2 miles. This is a common distance for fun runs, which may or may not be walker-friendly.
  • Half-Marathon: 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers.
  • Marathon: 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers.
  • Ultramarathon: These races can be any distance above 42 kilometers or 26 miles. The most common distances for these events are 50 kilometers (31 miles) 100 kilometers (62 miles), 50 miles (80.5 kilometers), and 100 miles (161 kilometers).

How Long Will It Take to Walk Miles and Kilometers at Different Paces?

The charts below will help you to translate walking event distances into time, kilometers, and miles at various fitness-walking paces:

  • Fast: 7 minutes per kilometer or 11 minutes per mile.
  • Moderate: 10 minutes per kilometer or 15 minutes per mile.
  • Easy: 12.5 minutes per kilometer or 20 minutes per mile.
  • How to Measure Your Walking Speed: How can you know how fast you are walking so you know whether you have a fast, moderate, or easy pace? There are several ways to measure or calculate it, including phone apps and GPS watches, as well as low-tech options using a known distance (such as around a running track) and a stopwatch.

Kilometer Chart
How Far in Miles and How Long to Walk at Various Paces

Kilometers  Miles   Fast Walk  Moderate Walk  Easy Walk
10.627 min.10 min.12.5 min.
21.2414 min.20 min.25 min.
31.8621 min.30 min.37.5 min.
42.4828 min.40 min.50 min.
53.1135 min.50 min.62.5 min.
63.7342 min.60 min.75 min.
74.3549 min.70 min.87.5 min.
84.9756 min.80 min.100 min.
95.5963 min.90 min.112.5 min.
106.2170 min.100 min.125 min.
116.8377 min.110 min.137.5 min.
127.4584 min.120 min.150 min.
138.0791 min.130 min.162.5 min.
148.6998 min.140 min.175 min.
159.32105 min.150 min.187.5 min.
169.94112 min.160 min.200 min.
1710.56119 min.170 min.212.5 min.
1811.18126 min.180 min.225 min.
1911.80133 min.190 min.237.5 min.
2012.42140 min.200 min.250 min.
2113.1147 min.210 min.262.5 min.
  2.5 hours3.2 hours4.4 hours
4226.2294 min.420 min.525 min.
  5 hours7 hours9 hours

Miles Chart
How Far in Kilometers and the Time to Walk at Various Paces

Miles  Kilometers  Fast Walk  Moderate Walk  Easy Walk 
11.611 min.15 min.20 min.
  2.5 Hours3.2 Hours4.3 Hours
  5 Hours7 Hours9 Hours

With these charts, you should be able to do a rough estimate of how long it will take you to walk a given distance at a fitness walking pace without making stops. You'll have to add in more time if you have to wait at intersections for the crossing signal, make rest stops, stop to take photos, play Pokemon Go, etc.

Distance, Pacing, and Finishing Time for Organized Walks

You can also see how to measure or calculate your pace to find your time and distance at different paces beyond these rules of thumb.

If you are entering an organized race or event with a finish cutoff time, use these methods to predict your finish time.

It's important that you only enter events that you know you can complete under the time limit. It's also good to know when to meet your family and friends who came to cheer you on or catch a ride back home.

Training to Walk Different Distances

You may wonder whether you need to train to walk these distance. It's always a good idea to build up your walking time steadily from shorter to longer distances. You should learn how far a healthy person can walk with no training, plus how far can you walk in eight hours if you're a trained walker.

By steadily adding a longer walk each week, you will build your muscles and stamina. You will also toughen the skin on your feet, which helps prevent blisters. Start with the distance you are able to walk comfortably. Add a mile to that distance each week, which will be between 15 and 20 more minutes of steady walking. Try a 30-day quick start walking plan to begin building your walking mileage, whether you just want to walk a mile or you want to enjoy a 5-kilometer charity walk, or even begin training for a half marathon or marathon.

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