Marathon Morning Advice

The morning of your marathon can be a stressful time for marathon runners, especially if it's your first marathon. Get advice to make sure you don't make pre-marathon mistakes.

How to Deal With Pre-Race Anxiety

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It's normal to feel nervous and anxious before your marathon. You're about to run 26.2 miles! Who wouldn't be nervous? Follow these tips to successfully manage your anxiety and use that pre-race nervousness to your advantage.

What to Eat and Drink Before Your Marathon

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Your nutrition and hydration the morning of your marathon is critical to your performance and comfort. Hopefully, you've been practicing your nutrition and hydration so you know not to try any new foods or drinks on race day. Here are some other tips what to eat and drink in the hours right before you head to the finish line.

Be Prepared if the Forecast Calls for Rain

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If your marathon race weather is rainy, being prepared is the key to staying comfortable, especially at the start. For example, some runners will make a rain poncho out of a garbage bag to wear at the start and during the first mile or two before they're warmed up, Here are some more tips for marathon running in the rain.

Tips for Running Marathons in Hot Weather

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Ideal marathon weather conditions are low humidity and temperatures in the mid-50s F. So what if it turns out to be much warmer than that? You definitely need to rethink and scale back your race goals. Here are some more tips for staying safe when race conditions are hot and humid.​

Tips for Running Marathons in Cold Weather

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Running a marathon in very cold weather has its own challenges, such as trying to stay warm at the start. Wearing throwaway clothes (extra clothes that you can discard once you start running) can help you conserve energy while you're waiting. Here are some other tips for running marathons in the cold.

Don't Forget Race Essentials

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You should have laid out everything you need for the marathon the night before, but don't forget to grab all your marathon gear that you need for the race. Here's a packing list of everything that you'll need for your marathon.

Starting Line Tips

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You'll definitely be feeling nervous at the start, but it's important that you get your race off to a good start and don't lose focus. Follow these tips to make sure you don't make any mistakes.

How to Avoid Pit Stops During Your Race

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It's possible to run a marathon without stopping to use the bathroom. But what you do before your race can affect whether or not you'll have to stop. Follow these tips to avoid runner's trots, a common issue that plagues marathon runners.

If you do have to stop and go to the bathroom and you've never used a porta-potty before, here are some porta-potty tips so you'll know what to expect.

Advice for Your Marathon Spectators

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Before you head out to the starting line, make sure you arm your marathon spectators with plenty of advice so they can do a good job of supporting you during the race. Share these tips for marathon spectators with them, so they're prepared for a day of cheering and supporting.

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