Try Out Fitness Wearables at Home With Lumoid

Fitbit Charge and Apple Watch on Wrist
Fitbit Charge and Apple Watch on Wrist. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Are you unsure which fitness band or smartwatch to buy and wish you could just give them a test drive? lets you try out up to five wearables at one time.

Try-On Wearables at Home Side-By-Side

Lumoid charges a $30 try-on fee, which is applicable towards purchasing any of the items during the 14-day trial period. For smartwatches and items that sell for over $225, there may be a higher try-on fee. For example, the Apple Watch Sport try-on fee was $50, with $25 applicable to the purchase price.

You can select from a variety of wearable devices on their web site and get them in a batch. Shipping is included both ways, with easy return shipping provided in the same box.

It can help with your buying decision to wear them side-by-side at home. You might not rock the multiple-pedometer style I do as a reviewer, but you could switch between them during the 14-day trial period.

I find that I need at least 10 days of wearing a pedometer or fitness band to really experience how it tracks my data and displays it in an app or online dashboard. The Lumoid trial is just the right length, although you can also ask for an extension.

Kits and Brands Help You Compare

With new devices debuting daily, it's hard even to think about which ones you want to compare. Lumoid helps with that by grouping them in kits by use and by brand. Because some of the kits include higher-priced devices, the kit try-on fee may be more than $30.

The composition of their kits will change as new devices hit the market. Here are some fun options for walkers:

  • The Not On the Wrist Kit includes the Fitbit One, Jawbone UP Move, Misfit Flash and Withings Pulse O2.
  • If you're wondering whether to upgrade your Fitbit, the Fitbit Kit includes the Fitbit Surge super fitness watch, my favorite Fitbit Charge HR, the popular Fitbit Flex, and the Fitbit Aria scale.
  • Women's Running Kit includes Fitbit Surge, Garmin Vivosmart, Jawbone UP2, Push Band and Timex Ironman Move x20 Band
  • If you want to track your health and diet, the Withings Kit includes the Withings Pulse O2 activity tracker, Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, Withings Activité Pop fashion pedometer watch and the Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale.

Apple Watch Try-On from Lumoid

I used Lumoid to try out the Apple Watch. It's a big investment to make if you don't know whether you'll absolutely love it. The appointment I had at the Apple Store when the watch debuted in April 2015 wasn't enough to completely settle my mind on the decision to buy.

I found out from our Family Technology Expert about Lumoid and reserved an Apple Watch try-on. I was on the waiting list as they procured Apple Watches and received mine in late July 2015.

The box arrived via FedEx. Wearing the Apple Watch and experiencing it linked to my own phone was completely different from the demonstration at the store. I was convinced after a day that I wanted to buy one of my own. One bobble was that it arrived with the larger band and I needed the small/medium size. I don't see a choice of sizes of the band on the reservation form.

At the end of the trial, it was easy to put it back in the box with the included return label and drop it off at FedEx.

I had one more bobble in that they erroneously charged my credit card for the purchase price of the Apple Watch, but they discovered that error before I did and reversed the charge.

Bottom Line on Lumoid

I wish I had discovered Lumoid even sooner than I did. As a reviewer, it can be a lifesaver when companies don't have samples for review. As a consumer, nothing beats actually wearing and using the device to know whether it is worth the investment.

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