Low-Carb Superfoods to Add to Your Diet

Some people worry about not getting enough nutrients on a low-carb diet, but there are lots of ways to guard against that happening. For example, you can make sure your carbs count by making wise food choices. You can make sure you're getting some of the nutrients that tend to be lacking in low-carb diets by being knowledgeable about them. You can use these Low-Carb High-Nutrient Menus as a model to help you design your own high-nutrient menus.

Another way to help make sure you're getting the right nutrients is by eating plenty of these low-carb superfoods! They have lots of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients our bodies need without adding a bunch of sugar and starch that our bodies do NOT need!


Eggs Really ARE Incredible


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Eggs are just packed with nutrients! The white is almost all protein, but the yolk is really where the action is. Its purpose is to provide nutrition for the animal during those first vital phases of development until it is ready to get its own food. Is it any wonder it's so food for us, too? 

You might also want to find out what terms like cage free, free range, and pastured eggs really mean (you might be surprised).


Green, Leafy Vegetables are POWERFUL!


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They may look flimsy, and we may get tired of them, but there is a reason we are advised again and again to eat those green leaves. It's because they are probably the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, and they help protect us from many diseases and conditions we'd rather avoid.


Chocolate! YES!


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Hurray! Chocolate is actually good for us! Of course, you don't want to eat the kinds with lots of sugar, so it helps to have some guidance. Find out about all the great things in chocolate, plus how to choose wisely and cook successfully with it.


Almonds, the Low-Carb Friend


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By now,  you've heard of the benefits of adding nuts to your diet, and almost all the nuts are great for low-carb eaters. But almonds have a special place in my heart (and in my pocket). They have a great combination of fats and fiber, they fit in my pocket for a snack, and almond flour is my favorite low-carb flour substitute.


Salmon, the Fish for People Who Don't Like Fish


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You know it's packed with healthy omega-3 fats. You know eating fatty fish is good for you. But...fish. Lots of people shy away. Here's why you should add more salmon to your diet, how to do it, farmed salmon vs. wild, and more. Even my fish-hating husband likes salmon. I like canned wild salmon instead of tuna to mix with mayo for a salad.


Don't Be Shy! Try Flax Seed!!

Flax seeds

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Sprinkle it on your yogurt or cottage cheese, make bread out of it, or pour boiling water over it to make hot cereal. There are lots of ways to use flax seed meal and lots of reasons to do it. It tastes mildly nutty and is chock-full of fiber and nutrients.


Olive Oil is Even Better than You Think

Olive oil

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We hear that olive oil is in the famously healthy Mediterranean Diet – and there's actually good reason for imitating the Greeks and pouring olive oil over everything (did you know a typical Greek person consumes 26 liters of olive oil per year?) Olive oil may protect us from cancer and heart disease, and reduce inflammation in our bodies.


Berries: Low in Sugar and SO Good for Us


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 I love berries, so when I first started cutting carbs I was thrilled to find out that they are some of the lowest in sugar of all the fruits – AND the highest in many nutrients.


Pumpkin Is a Great Choice on a Low-Carb Diet

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Pumpkins don't have to be just for Thanksgiving. Keep a few cans around for an easy pumpkin soup or pudding any time!


What the Heck Are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds

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Have you heard of chia seeds and been intrigued? They are actually very good for us. Find out all about them, plus low-carb ways to serve them.


Cranberries Are Not Just for November

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We've already seen how good berries are for us – well, in some ways cranberries are the best berries of all, and there are lots of ways to serve them besides the Thanksgiving ways. Put a few bags in the freezer next time they are in the stores!


Cinnamon: Simple, Homey... and Mighty


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Did you know that cinnamon can be helpful for blood sugar control? Time to find new ways to add cinnamon to what we're eating.

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