Learn the Best Way to Throw a Fun Low-Carb Super Bowl Party

Eat Well and Enjoy Your Favorite Game Day Foods

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Buffalo Wings are a welcome addition to almost any Super Bowl Party. Lew Robertson/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The Super Bowl has grown into one of the biggest food "holidays" in the United States. You may think that it would be difficult to have a fun low-carb party, but in fact, it's not that hard.

There are lots of low-carb options and they include healthier versions of many of your favorite game day foods. You won't miss anything with these tasty recipes and you also won't have to worry about sending your blood glucose or insulin up while you celebrate the game.

Plan Ahead

There are three things to keep in mind when planning food for a Super Bowl party:

  1. All the food should be able to be made ahead.
  2. Everything should be easily made self-serve.
  3. Everything should be able to be eaten while sitting in front of the TV—this is not a sit-down dinner. This means finger foods and anything that can easily be eaten out of a mug or bowl, which is probably why chili is so popular.

Planning game day menus that fall into these categories ensures that you can enjoy the party along with your guests and avoid fussing in the background making sure everyone is served.


Snacks are essential for any football party because they're the ultimate finger food that guests can nibble on as they see fit. This may be tricky when you're trying to reduce carbs, but there are plenty of low-sugar choices available.

Nuts are a great option for a bite-size snack. You can serve them straight out of the jar or give them a personal touch. Try a recipe like these mocha-dusted almonds or a spiced nut snack mix. Add some cheese cubes on the side of the bowl and a well-rounded snack plate is complete.

Low-carb vegetables are another great choice. Bell peppers or mini peppers, carrots, mushrooms, and green beans make excellent dippers. On the other hand, cucumber slices, celery, jicama slices, and similar vegetables are perfect for spreads.​

With that veggie foundation, you can then take your pick of healthy and delicious dips and spreads:


Usually, drinks for a Super Bowl party aren't of the fussy variety, though the cabs can add up. For instance, you can still enjoy beer, but you will need to choose wisely. Also, there are a number of low-carb beverages for you to choose from.

If you want to serve a few cocktails, avoiding excess sugar is your top priority. A sugar-free margarita recipe is a perfect place to begin. Other options include highballs with diet sodas like a gin and diet tonic and mixed drinks that use artificial sweeteners. Whether you're in the mood for a bloody Mary or a white Russian, a number of classic cocktails can become low-carb and taste just as great.

Hot Food

Choosing hot foods that you can have simmering in a slow cooker or on the stove will make your Super Bowl party much easier. That's one of the reasons why chili is so popular and a recipe such as this turkey black bean chili is perfect for your diet on game day.

Another great choice—and always a favorite among football fans—is hot dogs or little sausages covered in barbecue sauce. Rather than fill the slow cooker with a high-sugar sauce, make your own. A sugar-free barbecue sauce is incredibly easy to whip together and you won't notice a difference in the taste.

And, if you're in the mood for a real crowd-pleaser that's a little unique, try Crockpot ropa vieja (Cuban beef and peppers). Serve this dish in bowls or with low-carb tortillas and fixings.

Finger Foods

Wings aren't popular Super Bowl food for nothing—any protein that you can pick up with your hands is perfect. However, finger foods are often where diets get into trouble. With the right recipes, you don't have to fall into this trap. 

Almost all of your favorite game day bites can be transformed into healthy, equally delicious food. Try the lightened up chicken wing recipe, these healthier deviled eggs, or pile on the toppings for low-carb nachos.


You have to add a treat to cap off the celebration (or console the losers), but there's no need to overload on sugar in the process. While it's not a bad idea to put together a low-carb fruit bowl, you can also indulge in delicious desserts.

Chocolate is not out of the question, though you'll need diet-friendly recipes. Give these chocolatey flaxseed brownies a chance and you may be surprised. You can also try gluten- and sugar-free rum balls, or even a sugar-free fudge recipe. And, if you'd like to fancy it up a bit, enjoy the delicious flourless, sugar-free chocolate torte.

Cheesecakes are another great option because not everyone enjoys a lot of chocolate. Try out a couple different recipes to see which you like best:

A Word From Verywell

Healthy food and great tasting food can be the same thing, you just have to choose the recipes that fit your diet. As you can see, most of our favorite game day foods can be transformed and none of these sacrifices any flavor. Enjoy the game and eat well.

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