5 Low-Carb Snack Picks to Curb Your Cravings


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On the hunt for snacks that are low in carbs? Not only are these snack picks low in carbs, they’re also packed with protein.


StarKist Tuna Creations

5 Low Carb Snack Picks: StarKist Tuna Creations
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StarKist tuna pouches are one of my all-time favorite snacks, and they happen to be super low in carbs. Each single-serve pouch has just 70-110 calories and 0-4g carbs, plus 14-19g protein. They come pre-seasoned in delicious flavors like Ranch and Hot Buffalo Style — so when you’re ready for a snack, just grab a fork! I also like to pile the tuna onto cucumber rounds.


Hard-Boiled Egg Whites


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Hard-boiled egg whites on their own? Healthy, but slightly boring. Hard-boiled egg whites filled with delicious toppings? Healthy and a total treat for your taste buds! One egg white is practically carb-free with an impressive 3.5g protein. Hard-boil a bunch of eggs, slice them in half, and remove the yolks. You can have six egg-white halves with a teaspoon of salsa in each for 59 calories, 2.5g carbs, and 11g protein. For a more substantial snack, take 2 tablespoons mashed avocado and a crumbled slice of center-cut or turkey bacon and distribute them among six egg-white halves. Eat all of them for 128 calories, 3.5g carbs, and 14g protein.


Pizzas Made Out of Portabella Mushrooms

5 Low Carb Snack Picks: Pizzas made out of portabella mushrooms
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Love pizza but not all the carby calories that come with it? I’m a big fan of using hearty vegetables as pizza crusts. And one of my all-time favorite crust swaps is the mighty Portabella mushroom. One Pizza-bella has just 118 calories and 7.5 carbs, plus 11.5g protein. It's just one of the low-carb ways to satisfy a pizza craving.


Simply Snackin' Jerky

5 Low Carb Snack Picks: Simply Snackin Jerky
Courtesy of Simply Snackin

Jerky just might be the ultimate low-carb snack: It tastes delicious, it’s super satisfying, and it fits perfectly in your purse. I’ll try almost any jerky that comes my way, and one of my favorites is the Simply Snackin line. It features beef, chicken, and venison varieties. The chicken ones are my top pick! Have a 1-oz. pack for 60 calories and 3-5g carbs, plus 8-11g protein.


Turkey Roll-Ups

5 Low Carb Snack Picks: Turkey roll-ups
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You should always keep slices of lean turkey breast in your refrigerator, especially if you’re looking for low-carb snacks. Whenever you’re feeling a little hungry, snack on a slice or two — it's satisfying, and it definitely won’t break the calorie bank. One of my go-to ways to snack on turkey breast slices is to wrap them around pickle or cucumber spears. That way, you get some crunch and extra volume. You can have an ounce of turkey breast (1-2 slices, depending on how thinly it’s sliced) wrapped around a pickle for about 35 calories, 1g carbs, and 6g protein. I also like wrapping turkey around a stick of light string cheese.

Another great low-carb (and low-calorie) find? Tofu shirataki noodles.

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