Low-Carb Recipes With Pork and Beef


How to Make Cheap Steak Taste Great

Juicy Steak in slices
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Have you tried cooking an inexpensive steak such as top sirloin and found it had a weird texture or a taste that reminded you of liver? Let us show you how to cook inexpensive cuts of beef in a way that tastes great.


Let's Have Fajitas!

Use low-carb tortillas, or just eat with a fork -- and don't forget the guacamole!
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Fajitas are an easy meal to make, and who doesn't love this combination of Mexican flavors? Bring on the easy guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cilantro, and low-carb tortillas, and you have a complete meal – unless you really want to do it up and add some low-carb refried beans.


Easy Baby Back Ribs

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
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 Succulent baby back ribs - they don't have to be hard to make, and they don't have to be loaded down with a super-sweet BBQ sauce. Instead, use my method and my Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce, and you're all set! And don't forget the coleslaw (sugar-free, of course!)


Low-Carb Asian Noodle Dish with Pork

Asian Noodles with Ground Pork
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 This is a little like Dan Dan noodles. I use shirataki noodles, which have very little carb or calories and which I think go perfectly in an Asian noodle dish. It's made with ground pork.


Crock Pot Ropa Vieja (Cuban Beef Dish)

Ropa Vieja
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Don't you love it when you can throw ingredients in a slow cooker, and have many meals? This is one of those recipes. It can be served in many ways - we like it over spaghetti squash since we don't eat rice, but cauliflower "rice" would be a great idea as well. My husband likes to eat them with low-carb tortillas.


Crockpot Hungarian Goulash (Hungarian Pork Dish)

Hungarian Goulash
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Another crockpot meal, this time inspired by Eastern Europe. Whenever we have it, we say, " Wow, I forgot how good this is"! I like to serve it over sauteed cabbage strips - it's very quick to slice a cabbage and throw the strips into a skillet.


Beef Vegetable Soup

Beef Vegetable Soup
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I love having recipes where I can throw leftover meats and vegetables into a pot and make something entirely different and delicious. This recipe is a great one for leftover beef roasts such as pot roast. You can really put any vegetables you want into it, although I have some suggestions.

Do you want more ideas for low-carb soups? Check out 10 Great Low-Carb Soups.


Brisket in a Crock Pot

Crockpot Brisket
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Rounding out this trio of slow cooker beef dishes is this brisket, cooked with low-carb vegetables and a delicious blend of spices.

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