Loren Brutsch

Loren Brutsch

Associate Commerce Editor


University of Pittsburgh, University of Melbourne


Loren Brutsch is an associate commerce editor for Health and the Verywell brands where she creates content that promotes wellness and healthy living. She is passionate about mental health, fitness, and nutrition and is constantly seeking ways to elevate each in tandem. Whether it’s through meditation, weight lifting, or creating new meal prep recipes, she aims to never stop improving her health and share her findings with others.


Throughout her career, Loren has covered a wide range of topics that promote wellness to millions of readers. Topics she specializes in include tech, food and nutrition, and fitness gear. An avid weight lifter, Loren has over five years of experience in strength training and bodybuilding. When she’s not working on her fitness goals, Loren is traveling. She even lived in Melbourne, Australia for four years. In Australia, she earned her master’s degree in publishing and began writing and editing for brands spread across the world.


Loren has a Master of Publishing and Communications from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications—both from the University of Pittsburgh.

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