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Long Distance Running Strategies

Whether you're a marathon runner or casual jogger, you can benefit from knowing what to eat, how to stay motivated, and preparing for your long distance runs.
Rear view of fitness woman runner running on road
What Is an Ultramarathon?
Fit mature man in cycling gear riding his bike on a road through some scenic mountains
The Complete Guide to Duathlon Training for Beginners
Runner in Missoula
8 Awesome Summer Marathons in the U.S.
Shot of a young attractive couple training for a marathon outdoors
Enjoy a Scenic Route for Your Next Half Marathon
Runners racing in marathon
Bring the Heat During U.S. Summer Half Marathons
three women in yoga class
How Can Runners Stay in Shape on the Racing Off-Season?
Group of people running track together in a park
Fall U.S. Half Marathons Offer Beautiful Scenery With Cool Temperatures
man tying shoes
14 Things to Know Before Running a Half-Marathon
Yong sportswoman drinking fruit juice she made in a blender at home.
Tips for the Week Before Your Marathon or Half Marathon
Marathon Runners
Should You Take a Pain Pill Before or During a Marathon?
woman running with hand weights
How to Train for a Half-Marathon That's Only a Month Away
Marathon Finishers with Water and Heat Sheets
How to Properly Recover After Your Marathon Victory
Marathon Runner
What Makes the Marathon So Tough?
Snacking on an Apple
Marathon Training and Race Day Diet, Fluids, and Energy Snacks
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How to Improve Your Speed With Yasso 800s
Chicago Marathon finisher
10 Tips for Running Your First Race
line of portable toilets
The Right Way to Use a Portable Toilet During a Marathon
Legs and feet of joggers
Can You Run a 5K Without Training?
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Pros and Cons of Exercising the Day Before a Race
Men and woman during ultramarathon race training
What Is Chip Timing in Running Races?
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Runners Can Prevent Hitting the Wall During a Long Marathon
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Costs of Signing Up for a Running Race
Finishing a marathon.
How Long You Should Wait Between Running Marathons
Trail runner breathing hard after run on mountain
Why Am I Tired After Long Runs?
Tattooed female marathon runner checking smart watch in urban park
How to Predict Running Race Times
Marathon runners running on urban street
How Old Should You Be to Run a Marathon?
Mo Farah of Great Britain starts the Virgin London Marathon on April 13, 2014 in London, England
How Far Is a Marathon in Miles and Kilometers?
Marathon runners running on paved road
What's a Good Finishing Time for Running a Marathon?
A young woman uses her smartphone as she jogs along a road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Running a Half Marathon for Full Marathon Training
Athlete jogging along the banks of the River Thames early in the morning, while listening to music on her smartphone or music player.
How Long Does It Take to Run a Marathon?
Honolulu Marathon 2017
Destination Marathons to Run in the U.S. From November Through March
Runners in a marathon
The 11 Best Big City Marathons in the U.S.
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - OCTOBER 13: A general view of competitors runing past the Chicago Theater during the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
16 Fastest Marathons in the U.S. to Race in 2021
tokyo marathon
9 Marathon Events That Should Be on Your Bucket List
Sea of Runners
Spring Marathons in Great Destinations Across the U.S.
Crowd of people running a marathon
The Marathons You'll Want to Run This Fall
African American female athlete with ponytail running fast on pavement near orange wall during fitness workout early in morning.
Chicago Marathon: Qualifying Times and Other Entry Methods
Runners react after crossing the finish line to complete the 120th Boston Marathon on April 18, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts
What It Takes to Get Into the Boston Marathon
Powerful diverse man and woman running on track outside shabby grain storage during outdoor workout
Do You Have to Qualify for the New York Marathon?
View of runners on NYC marathon course from a water station
Use These Tips Watching the New York City Marathon
Young woman doing a workout outdoors. She is wearing sportswear, jogging on the track field.
How to Enter the New York City Marathon Successfully
Cheering a marathon runner
How to Be an Asset on the Race Course as a Marathon Spectator
Popular Spring Half Marathons to Run in the United States
Putting sneakers. Close up of dark-skinned sportsman with tattoo putting sneakers into bag before going to gym
6 Important Things to Do the Day Before a Marathon
Young woman runner training for a half-marathon
13 Reasons to Run a Half-Marathon
man training for marathon
15 Training Mistakes Half Marathoners Should Avoid
8 Tips to Make Your Long Runs Easier
Marathon Start
26 Reasons to Run a Marathon
man packing suitcase
Traveling to a Race: Planning and Packing Essentials
Two friends jogging across urban street bridge
What to Do While Tapering for a Marathon
Florida, USA
Top 12-Week Training Schedules for Half-Marathons
Group of runners running in the city. They are running over the bridge at sunset. Running together every day to stay fit.
How Long Does It Take to Train for a Half-Marathon?
Male runner crossing the finish line of a race
What to Do (What Not to Do) Before a 5K Race
Woman rests on stairs after a run
6 Ways to Address Muscle Soreness, Injury, and More After a Hard Run
Runners preparing for the start of a race
First Time 5K Runners Have Many Questions Before Their Race
Spectators cheering for man helping injured marathon runner
Some Races Have Time Limits but Keep the Finish Line Open
Woman running with headphones and her phone strapped to her arm
Can You Wear Headphones in Races?
Walking woman during marathon
The Race Etiquette of Walking During a Running Race
Runner tying her shoes before a long run
Long Distance Running Can Help You Training for a Marathon
What Is a Good Half Marathon Time
What Is a Good Half Marathon Time?