Liquid Splenda and Sugar-Free Syrups

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Low-carb recipes often use a liquid form of sucralose as the sweetener. Why a liquid? Because sucralose, the artificial sweetener in Splenda, is so incredibly concentrated (600 times the sweetness of sugar) that it needs a "carrier" to dilute it in order to be useful. Unfortunately, the carrier in powdered Splenda is made up of dextrose and maltodextrin, fancy words for "sugar" and "sugar." A packet of Splenda has about one gram of carbohydrate, and a cup of the granular type of Splenda has 24 grams of carbohydrate. Additionally, some of the powdered sweeteners, particularly the bulk types, have an "off-flavor" which many people find objectionable, particularly in baking.

Perhaps the best alternative to the powders is simply to dissolve the pure sucralose in water, which has zero carbs. Splenda was late in developing their own liquid Splenda Zero sweetener, and other companies had the jump on them. You can find both Splenda Zero and other brands online and you may be able to find them in your supermarket.

Issues With Liquid Sucralose

The full-strength liquid, as it comes to the manufacturers, is very concentrated. This has two potential problems. The first is that one drop of liquid can be over a teaspoon of "sugar-sweetness" and that is not good if you want less in your coffee or tea. The other is that the concentrated liquid tends to create crystals in dispensers over time, clogging them up. Different suppliers have dealt with this in different ways. Therefore, you can't assume that the same amount of one product will be the same as a different product. You will need to read the label and instructions with each brand and formulation.

Brands of Liquid Sucralose Sweeteners

EZ-Sweetz: This company sells various sizes of its product, and you can buy the containers singly, or the smaller ones in packs of three or six. The smaller bottles are double the concentration of the larger bottles. EZ-Sweetz is readily available at sites such as Amazon and the manufacturer's website.

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Sweetzfree: Sweetzfree is a full-strength liquid sweetener, with each drop providing the sugar equivalent of about 1.5 teaspoons. This is great for recipes requiring a larger amount of sweetener. The smaller size doesn't usually clog. The dispenser on the largest sizes doesn't clog, but drops tend to collect on the outside which crystalizes if not removed. Twice in the course of using the largest size, the reviewer had to remove a "shell" of crystallized sucralose from the applicator. However, this "shell" was handy for sweetening a pitcher of iced tea. Sweetzfree comes in several sizes. The largest is 4 ounces, which gives the sweetness of 96 cups of sugar.

Fiberfit: Fiberfit contains both sucralose and a little ​soluble fiber in a 4-ounce container. Much less concentrated, 1 teaspoon of Fiberfit gives you 8 teaspoons of sugar equivalent. Fiberfit also offers a zero-carb powder.

Sugar-Free Syrups: Sucralose syrups developed to flavor coffees, such as Da Vinci and Torani brands, can be used as sweeteners. Da Vinci makes an unflavored version called “simple syrup.” The drawback is that this is the least concentrated way to get sucralose. It measures about cup for cup, and that’s a lot of liquid in most recipes. Shop on Amazon for Da Vinci Sugar-Free Syrups

Splenda Zero: Splenda Zero comes in a 1.68-ounce bottle that provides the same sweetness as 100 packets of Splenda powdered no-calorie sweetener. One squeeze is 1/16 teaspoon and provides the sweetness of half a packet of powdered Splenda. You can buy it online or look for it at your supermarket.

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