The Lightest Skateboard Decks

Light and High-Tech Boards Improve Performance, but There's a Trade-Off

You might be thinking you want a skateboard that's super light and high-tech. Having the lightest skateboard deck available will help you ollie higher and give you more board control, but your deck will be more fragile than a beefier choice. That's the trade-off if you want the lightest skateboard deck on the market. You just can't have it both ways: super light and super tough don't mix. These super-light boards can be expensive, and it might not make that much of a difference in your skating. But if you have the money, having one of these high-tech lighter boards could make a difference in your performance. You just have to decide how much it's worth to you and how much you can invest in this high-expense option.

Lightest Skateboard Decks - Uberlight
Uber Light

This is a deck with a deck. There's a carbon fiber foam deck that's super strong and light that's set inside a 7-ply skateboard deck. The result is something strong, light and high-tech. The maker even claims it has better pop, and it has a 30-day guarantee against breakage. So what's the drawback? They cost more. However, you will definitely be getting one of the lightest skateboard decks available without sacrificing board strength.


Lightest Skateboard Decks - Element

Featherlight Helium boards have five chambers built into the deck that runs down the length of the board. The chambers eliminate a lot of wood and make these boards very light -- the lightest in the universe, according to Element.  Element also makes regular Featherlight boards -- these are built with thinner veneers of wood and a pressed concave so you don't sacrifice strength or pop. Featherlight boards have been around for quite a few years. Element Fiberlight boards are made similarly to Featherlight boards, but they add a fiberglass beam down the center. These are the thinnest decks that Element offers.


Lightest Skateboard Decks - Darkstar

Darkstar is proud of how strong and light their decks are. They're guaranteed for 30 days, which for some skaters is longer than most boards last. Darkstar Armor Light boards still have 7-plys of maple, which is rare -- a lot of light skateboard decks get lighter by stripping away a few plys. And the board gets its strength from Darkstar's "exclusive carbon composite technology."


Lightest Skateboard Decks - Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz

PowerLyte decks are strong and stiff, made with maple veneers and pressed with a layer of Kevlar. This makes the deck about a fifth as heavy as a regular skateboard deck and 50 percent stronger. Plus, it might slow down a bullet. Sounds too good to be true. But now the bad news. There are two problems -- one is that these boards are reported to lose their pop a little faster than people would like. The second problem is that it's tough to find them.