KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandal Review

Super-soft and worth the cost

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KEEN Men’s Rialto 3 Point Sandal

KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandal

Verywell Fit / Joseph Gonzalez

What We Like
  • Comfortable

  • Low-key aesthetic

  • Removable footbed

  • Good ventilation and odor control

What We Don't Like
  • Runs slightly large

  • Not the most supportive

  • Exposed strap ends when tightened all the way

The KEEN Rialto 3 Point Sandal is really great for someone looking for casual walking sandals, or something that can handle some light cycling. If you’re in need of more authoritative arch support, though, you may want to look elsewhere.


KEEN Men’s Rialto 3 Point Sandal

KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandal

Verywell Fit / Joseph Gonzalez

We purchased the KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandals so our reviewer could put them to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Walking sandals are an unexpectedly complicated purchase. Not only do they need to hold up to the usual elements of any other walking shoe, but they’ve also got to provide exceptional ventilation—oh, and they can’t look so bad that you’ll never want to wear them. At first glance, the KEEN Rialto 3 Point Sandal is unoffensive: a walking shoe that could certainly be considered for a permanent place in your seasonal wardrobe.

Assembled in Portland, Oregon, and marketed as an “adventure sandal,” the Rialto 3 Point is intended for all kinds of activities. My partner, Joe, wore these shoes to the beach, around New York City, and while riding his bike to really put them to the test. Ahead, we’ll break down all the good and all the bad—though, he admitted that there wasn’t a whole lot of bad to report back on.

KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandal
 Verywell Fit / Joseph Gonzalez

Materials: Durable, water-resistant, and flexible

This sandal has a rubber sole with a water-resistant leather upper and a fast-drying mesh lining, meaning it can handle most of what you’re going to walk them through. The three straps are easily adjusted with a hook-and-loop fastener strip. This shoe also features a removable footbed that’s made of polyurethane-coated leather for those times you need more support. This removable element also makes it easier to clean, Joe noted.

The sandals feature Cleansport NXT, probiotic technology that helps control odor. To support that claim, my partner has been wearing these shoes for months and has yet to notice any smell. That’s a huge pro, given that these are most certainly sporting sandals at their basic function.

KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandal
Verywell Fit / Joseph Gonzalez

Design: Great “low-key aesthetic”

In my partner’s words, a big pro with these sandals is the “low-key aesthetic.” So many sports and walking sandals look more like something your grandfather would wear—nothing wrong with that, of course, but you have to admit that walking sandals marketed toward a younger generation are few and far between. These sandals come in two colorways: Dark Earth/Black or Black/Neutral Grey. Joseph tested the latter and found them to match great with everything in his wardrobe (mainly khaki- or black-colored shorts and pants paired with black t-shirts). For someone who really values a capsule wardrobe, he said he appreciated this. His words: “I would recommend for someone looking for a casual, airy, comfortable sandal.”

The textured grips on the end of each strap are a nice tactile touch.

If you’re looking for an outsider’s opinion on the style level of these walking sandals, I will say that I didn’t skip a beat when I saw him wearing these. As someone who usually takes careful note of a style change, I found these sandals to be a seamless integration into any outfit. 

The three adjustable straps help the sandal fit all different sizes and shapes of feet, considering you can tighten or loosen specific areas of the sandal. “The textured grips on the end of each strap are a nice tactile touch,” Joe said.

Fit: Runs slightly large, especially when wet

These sandals run a bit large. Joe ordered a size 9, his usual, for the test. “The sandals are a bit roomy,” he noted. “I wear a straight size 42 in most shoes and have the straps tightened down all the way for these.” 

There doesn’t seem to be many notes in the retailer reviews around size, so this is something to keep in mind if you wear a regular shoe size without any other restrictions. On the other hand, there are some reviews that mention rubbing and chaffing. It might be worth it to purchase the sandals in two sizes, choose the best fit for you, and return the size that doesn’t work. Of the reviews that do mention size, it seems that those with slim and narrow feet will have the hardest time finding the right fit for them with the Rialto 3 Point sandals.

I would recommend for someone looking for a casual, airy, comfortable sandal.

When I asked him how they felt to walk in, Joe replied, “The dense foam footbed feels great, though I could have done with a little more arch support. The ends of the straps run past their fasteners on account of the shoe running a little bit big, making it easier to accidentally catch and open up a strap—particularly of concern for the heel strap, the end of which points forward on the outside of each shoe.”  

KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandal
Verywell Fit / Joseph Gonzalez 

Performance: Great for walking in the water

The open design of this sandal makes it perfect for the water. The removable midsole makes it even more water-friendly if you know you’re going to be trudging through streams or into a lake. Multiple reviews also note that the midsole is absorbent, meaning less opportunity for chafing and discomfort once the shoes get wet.

Still, they’re water-resistant, not waterproof. And sure enough, we found the sandals have a bit of a stretch when they get wet. This is where being able to tighten the straps comes in handy—unless you already have them tightened to capacity, as Joe did. 

The tread was chunky enough to grip well on dirt, grass, bicycle pedals, and reasonably well on sand.

Joe also noted that the shoes were great for casual bike riding. “The tread was chunky enough to grip well on dirt, grass, bicycle pedals, and reasonably well on sand,” he said. “The straps remain comfortable throughout on account of their generous width and rounded edges.”

Ease of Cleaning: A bit of water and a removable sole

After a particularly muddy bike ride, my partner put the promises of “easy to clean” to the test. For the loose dirt, a washcloth dipped in water did the trick. To make sure there wasn’t any mud left, he removed the foam footbed and wiped the inside of the shoe down. There wasn’t a ton of mud caking the sandal, so we can’t vouch for those of you who put your shoes through hours of hiking or other extreme outdoor activities. But wiping these sandals clean after a bike ride took less than two minutes.

Price: A worthy investment if you get the sizing right

The KEEN Rialto 3 Point sandals aren’t inexpensive. At around $100 ($120 at full price and less on sale), you’ll want to make sure you get the sizing right. If you’re after a low-key, stylish pair of walking sandals and you don’t plan on getting these wet too often, the Rialto 3 Points are a great option. If you plan on trekking through streams, hopping in lakes, or getting caught in the rain often, you may want to invest in a pair that’s designed specifically for highly wet situations.

Competition: There are a lot of other options out there

There are plenty of alternatives if you’re looking for a different function or budget. But when it comes to casual sports sandals, Teva and ECCO will be your main competitor brands to check out. Both of them offer water-resistant shoes with similar styles. Teva offers all sorts of designs, patterns, and colors, as well as thong sandal styles. ECCO sandals tend to be sportier, with a similar vibe to the options you’ll find with KEEN.

Pertaining to budget, the prices tend to vary quite a bit. Thong sandal styles will most certainly be cheaper, while styles with multiple straps will cost a bit more. You’ll generally see similar sandals from other brands in the $100 to $130 range from Teva. ECCO prices are similar—it just depends on what kind of style you’re looking for.

Final Verdict

A stylish pair of casual walking sandals.

The KEEN Men's Rialto 3 Point Sandals are a good option for casual walking, but don’t count on them fitting perfectly if you end up getting them wet.


  • Product Name Men’s Rialto 3 Point Sandal
  • Product Brand KEEN
  • Price $120.00
  • Color Dark Earth/Black, Black/Natural Grey
  • Material Polyurethane, foam, hook-and-loop fasteners, leather, mesh, synthetic microfiber
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