Kalso Earth Shoes Are Boots With Benefits

Kalso Earth Central Too Boot
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Kalso Earth Shoe designs its footwear with a negative heel to mimic walking barefoot. They debuted a line of fashion boots with the negative heel and call them "boots with benefits." Low heels are essential for all-day comfort and preventing the posture, foot and leg problems that high- heeled shoes and boots can create. This is a problem for women who also want to be fashionable all day. The Kalso fashion line of boots seeks to solve that dilemma.

Fit and Comfort of Kalso Earth Shoe Boots

I tried a pair of the Kalso Central Too Boots and had a friend also wear them to get her comments. They are very stylish with burnished leather and a faux fur lining around the ankle. I have a wide foot and the fit is best for women with an average-width foot.

The toe box was generous and my toes had plenty of width. But the fit is also best for low-volume feet, as the height between the footbed and the top of the shoe makes for a snug fit. I found it best to wear only a thin sock or nylon with these boots.

The boots are very comfortable, but as expected with the faux fur lining, they are warm. My feet felt very cozy in them.

With the negative heel, your heel is lower than your mid-sole. This can take some getting used to, so it's best to wear any Earth Shoes for just short periods of time at first. They are very stable.

The boots have built-in arch support, which is in the structure of the boot rather than being provided by an insert. I have very flat feet, and as I find with any shoes that have built-in arch support, it was too much for my walking comfort. My friend Krista took over the reviewing as she has a normal arch. She had no problem with arch support.

Krista gave the boots a good shakedown walk of two miles on a rainy day and found them very comfortable for walking. They also shed the rain well.

Unlike many fashion boots, the Kalso boots also have cushioning for shock absorption. If you do a lot of walking and standing throughout the day, your feet will thank you for wearing footwear that has cushioning.


Fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Krista and I liked the style of the boots. They are fun to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. Krista said she got many compliments from other women about the boots. She got a different reaction from a couple of men, who don't like the style at all. Your mileage may vary.

These boots match some of the boot trends spotted by shoe experts. The faux fur/shearling is a current trend. While many fashion boots feature high wedge, chunky or stiletto heels, many others are flat. The Kalso designs won't stand out as being odd for having the flat/negative heel.

Bottom Line

If you want fashion but don't want your feet paying the price for wearing it, these are indeed boots with benefits. They didn't work for my feet but should fit well for people with normal to high arches and a regular to narrow width foot. I have listed Kalso Earth Shoes as a top pick for comfort shoes for many years. They won't work for everyone, but they might be what works for you.

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