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When a reported story of hers about protesting or Black Lives Matter in the video game Animal Crossing went live on Business Insider, Jennifer was approached by National Geographic Magazine to be written about for a feature about folks using video games creatively during the pandemic. The article that featured Jennifer not only discussed her personal protest but how she used the video game to honor deceased loved ones and connect with estranged family members. Jennifer later went on to write a piece for Wired about how folks were using video games to process death during the pandemic.


Jennifer Stavros is a freelance culture writer who seeks stories that give folks an opportunity to engage with content that reaches the social core and all of the nuances in between. Jennifer's curiosity and compassion for folks is one that is always seeking to bring awareness and sometimes innovative ways to connect with the world around us. She loves to keep an active lifestyle both mentally and physically.

Jennifer began her path to journalism by simply not stopping showing up. In the early days of social media Jennifer found herself going to events that were the talk of the town. Since it was known that she was a writer, she was approached by local outlets to write for them.

Jennifer hasn't stopped showing up at places where a writer would be needed. In fact, this journey over the years, despite pauses to tend to family matters including the tragic death of her sister by murder, has only continued to shape her work and push it towards a commitment to legacy style stories and subjects.

As a creative, Jennifer is always seeking stories which make people think about interacting with their world differently. During the pandemic this was amplified even more. Upon learning about how masks were making communication difficult for folks within the deaf community, she wrote a featured discussion about it for Cosmopolitan to build awareness.

Jennifer has also been lead to write and be written about for her observations of the power of tech for social good. When Jennifer couldn't personally join protestors outside for the Black Lives Matter movement she turned to technology to protest. A digital protest she held in the video game Animal Crossing was discovered by someone who attended one of her protests. Jennifer wrote a story about attending the other digital protest for Business Insider. After the piece went live she was approached by a writer from National Geographic Magazine who featured Jennifer in a story that not only included her protest but of her honoring her deceased loved ones in the game and reconnecting with an estranged loved one as well. Later on in the pandemic after this Jennifer also wrote a story for Wired about how folks were using video games to process death during the pandemic. Jennifer also wrote a story for about how smartwatches were being used to predict illnesses and could be valuable for those curious about potentially tracking COVID-19.

Jennifer's personal connections to intense topics have also been met with awareness and care. Her story discussing her experiences of homelessness written on The Independent was seen and shared by internet renown social commentator Hasan Piker. The following month Jennifer shared her experiences of being the family member of a loved one who went missing and was found to deceased to give folks who might not be aware the perspective of families who are enduring that and contending with who gets media coverage or not.

She is currently working on a balance of lighter lifestyle style content pieces, social awareness pieces, and is working on a book exploring the intersection of death and poverty.

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