Jennifer R. Scott


  • Designed her own successful diet and weight loss plan
  • Safely lost 50 pounds in one year


Jennifer R. Scott is a former writer for Verywell Fit covering weight loss. She has been researching and writing about weight loss for nine years. After trying numerous commercial weight loss programs and diets, she began researching nutrition and calorie-counting on the Web to design her own weight loss plan. In a little over a year, she lost 50 pounds using the skills she learned. Jennifer hopes to lose another 40 pounds and share her experience as she continues her weight loss efforts.


Jennifer is currently pursuing her education. She hopes to complete a degree in either Media Studies or Journalism.

A Word From Jennifer R. Scott

Join me as I continue my weight loss journey. Whether you're near your goal weight or have 100 pounds or more to lose, I hope you will learn something new as I share all my best advice on the basics of losing weight, getting moving, and becoming healthier.

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