Jason Devaney

Jason Devaney

Associate Editorial Director, Performance Marketing


Project Management, Writing/Editing


Northeastern University


Jason Devaney is an associate editorial director at Dotdash Meredith. He has worked in the publishing industry for more than 20 years.


Jason Devaney brings more than two decades of editorial experience to Dotdash Meredith, where he oversees Performance Marketing content as an associate editorial director. His duties involve planning, creating content strategies, managing writers and other editors, leading projects, and interacting with various teams on a daily basis.

Jason has worked on and managed projects for large broadcast media companies, small startups, and medium-sized corporations. His career began in newspapers, but when digital media began to take hold, he pivoted to the online world and found his footing.

He truly fell in love with food during a summer spent in Italy in 2014, thanks to the untold number of pizzas, bowls of homemade pasta, fresh figs, and glasses of wine he consumed there. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family while experimenting with new recipes, snacking on charcuterie boards, and drizzling olive oil on just about everything.


Jason holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northeastern University.

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