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IVV Achievement Award Program Books
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About the IVV Achievement Award Program

Walk local, think global! Walk at any IVV-sanctioned event around the world and count it towards the IVV Achievement Award Program. Receive a certificate, patch, and hatpin as you reach milestones such as 10 events, 30 events, 50 events, 500 kilometers, etc. This lifelong achievement award series has tens of thousands of participants worldwide. Events are held throughout Europe, Asia, and North America by IVV-associated local walking clubs. Bike, swim, and ski events also are counted.

Registration for the Program

IVV Record Books can be purchased at any hosted IVV event. The price is generally under $6 but varies by country. Purchase the Distance Record Book and the Event Record Book. Pay the fee for walking for IVV credit (generally $3 or less) or buy the event award and they shall stamp both of your books upon completion of the event. You do not have to join a club or national organization to use the IVV Record Books and enjoy the walking events, they are open to all.

New Walkers Packet - AVA

The American Volkssport Association has a New Walkers Packet for $5 at events or $6 by mail which includes both Distance and Event Record Books, plus coupons to get credit at no charge at 3 events. This is a $19 value and has other coupons as well. A great deal to entice you to enjoy AVA-IVV sanctioned walks.

Procedure for the IVV Achievement Award Program

At each IVV-sanctioned event, register to walk as a "credit" walker or register for the event award. At the finish table, present both your Distance Record Book and your Event Record Book to be stamped with the IVV event stamp. You may only count each event once, but you may walk the event again to receive another stamp for distance. For self-guided walks, this rule applies as well, with a new stamp each 6 months to 1 year depending on the country.

Redeeming the First Books

The first IVV Event Record Book is complete at 10 events, the first Distance Record Book at 500 kilometers. Mail each book when complete the address of the national office noted on the cover, or to the national office of your local nation if you bought the book outside of your own country. Buy a new Record Book from a local club to continue. In a few weeks you will receive a certificate, patch, and hatpin for your award level achieved, and a Passport.

Further Award Levels

This program has no limit. You redeem further Event books at 30, 50, 75, 100 to thousands of events and Distance books at 1000, 1500, 2000, to tens of thousands of kilometers. With each completed book, make a copy of it and send it in with your 1 book prior and your passport to receive your new award level. Continue to purchase IVV Record Books from your local clubs.

Year-Round and Permanent Events:

These events are not hosted. Procedures vary around the world - you may have to register by mail or you may simply have to locate the start box at the start location. A map and directions are provided and you complete the walk at your own pace and stamp your IVV Record Books or mail them in to have them stamped. There are nearly 2000 of these events in the USA and Canada, as well as hundreds in other countries.

Finding IVV Walking Events:

Links to IVV National Organizations and their websites are found at IVV.org in English and German. The American Volkssport Association and Canadian Volkssport Federation have calendars of hosted and year-round walks on their sites.

Walk Local - Walk Global

The IVV Achievement Award Program is truly open to all. You don't have to join a club or subscribe to a publication. All you have to do is buy the record books and find IVV-sanctioned events, anywhere in the world. Your IVV Record Books are good throughout the world. The walks are provided as a public service to encourage fitness and friendship.

More About the Walks

Each walk has a 10-kilometer (6.2 miles) or longer trail. Hosted events may have shorter distance trails available for those who need them. All events allow you to walk 20 kilometers for one credit or award fee.

The trails are either marked or maps and directions are provided. There are one or more checkpoints along the way to provide water and, usually, restrooms.

Walk at your own pace - these events are specifically designed by walkers, for walkers. You can stop, enjoy the view, eat a snack, etc. as long as you return to the finish during the designated hours. Generally a minimum of 3 hours is given from the start time through the finish time for a 10-kilometer trail, a pace which allows almost everyone who can walk that far to finish with ease.

You can also go fast if you wish - running or jogging is allowed as long as you are courteous to those you pass. Most events are held on the public sidewalks and streets with no road closures, so you must obey pedestrian traffic rules and signals.

Walks are held in every terrain - forest trails, countryside, small towns, historic sites, beaches, cities, mountains. Wherever local walking clubs have decided they want to host a walk. IVV walks are a great way to tour new areas and to soak up local atmosphere.

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