INTEY Exercise Resistance Band Set Review

Customize any workout with these bands

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INTEY Exercise Resistance Bands

INTEY Exercise Resistance Band Set

Verywell Fit / Angelica Leicht

What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Versatile

  • Durable

What We Don't Like
  • Slick when wet

  • May not need all sizes

Bottom Line

The INTEY Exercise Resistance Bands allow users to completely customize their workouts, whether lightweight strengthening exercises or weight-assisted pull-ups.


INTEY Exercise Resistance Bands

INTEY Exercise Resistance Band Set

Verywell Fit / Angelica Leicht

We purchased the INTEY Exercise Resistance Band Set so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Adding a little resistance to a workout can be beneficial, but as with all exercise equipment, not all resistance bands are created equally. Buy the wrong ones, and they can wreak havoc on a workout. Luckily, there are some products out there, like INTEY Exercise Resistance Bands, that have a good reputation and won’t break the bank. I tried out these resistance bands while working out with some athlete friends to see if they’d stand up to intense routines while still being useful for the novices in the crowd. Here’s how things worked out.

INTEY Exercise Resistance Band Set
Verywell Fit / Angelica Leicht

Versatility: A completely custom workout

One of the things I liked about these bands is how versatile they are. We were able to incorporate the bands into a number of different workouts and even use them in place of some weighted exercises. There’s a nice range of elasticity in this box of bands. 

While they can be purchased individually (starting at $9.99), I ordered a set of four different bands of varying thicknesses. The red band is the thinnest and is rated for 15 to 35 pounds of resistance; it would be a great band to use for stretching, warm-ups, or even to assist on pull-ups if you’re close to getting over the bar but can’t quite make it up on your own. 

The black one is rated for 25 to 65 pounds and provides a slight amount of resistance for physical therapy to help with mobility. I preferred this band for partner workouts, but it can be used for a ton of different exercises.

There’s a nice range of elasticity in this box of bands.

The purple band is rated for 35 to 86 pounds and will add some serious resistance to a workout. I used it to assist with strength-training and pull-ups, though I prefer the green band (coming up next) on the pull-up bar. 

The largest one—the green band—is rated for 50 to 125 pounds of resistance. It has almost no stretch to it, so it provides the most resistance and worked best for assisted pull-ups, which is what I used it for. It would also be good for mobility, especially if joint issues are the main problem. The stretchiest bands could also be used for pull-up assistance; I’m just not there yet. 

The nice thing about these bands is that each color and resistance can be used for a ton of different exercises, strength training, mobility, and physical therapy, depending on what your level of fitness is. Between the four bands, I’ve been able to mix and match to customize my workouts. 

Feel: All-natural latex

These bands are made of 100 percent natural latex and have a sheen to the finish, which initially made me worry about being able to keep my grip on them. They didn’t slip or slide around during stretches, though, despite looking slippery. The only time I had any issues with slickness was when they got wet from sweat or water bottle condensation. 

I could feel the difference in texture compared to the tube resistance bands I had been using for workouts; these are flat and felt easier to work with than the tube bands, which roll when tucked under most sneakers. I didn’t have to worry about rolling with these, though, no matter what the exercise. Equally important: They didn’t cause any chafing or issues with my skin.

Another nice thing about these bands is that they don’t smell bad. I’ve purchased other resistance bands in the same price range that smelled like chemicals or plastic, but these bands have no smell to them.  

INTEY Exercise Resistance Band Set
Verywell Fit / Angelica Leicht 

Durability: No noticeable peeling or fraying

I often worry about how far resistance bands can be stretched before they snap, but that wasn’t a problem with this particular set. I could tuck each one of the bands under my shoe and pull it over my head without feeling like it would crack or snap. It wasn’t an easy task, mind you, given the resistance they add, but each color did stretch. 

I inspected the bands after each use, and other than the expected dirt and dust from my shoes, there was no sign of wear and tear.

They were so durable, in fact, that I felt comfortable adding them to workouts with the pull-up bar. I struggle with pull-ups, but I looped the thickest band around the pull-up bar and stuck my foot in it to provide some support, which made that exercise much easier to tackle. I inspected the bands after each use, and other than the expected dirt and dust from my shoes, there was no sign of wear and tear. 

My friends who are in better shape didn’t need the extra support on the pull-up bar, but they did use the bands to stretch out before squats or deadlifts with no issue. We also used them in place of weight lifting during one workout and they were easily as effective as the weights. It’s crazy to think that these simple latex bands could replace heavy free weights, but we were able to use them for that purpose without any noticeable peeling, fraying, or cracking, and the burn from a good workout was evident both during and after.  

Cleaning: Not much need for it

These bands are easy to clean, although it isn’t really necessary unless sweat drips on them. I sprayed them down with some all-purpose antibacterial cleanser, and it was sufficient. The amount of dirt and dust that sticks to them is negligible. 

These bands also come with a carrying bag for storing post-workout. They pack up easily and compactly, so they’ll definitely fit in a carry-on suitcase if you want to take them along for your travels.

Price: Middle of the road

The four-pack of INTEY resistance bands retails for about $30. They aren’t the cheapest resistance bands out there, nor are they the most expensive. Given the quality of these bands, the price is more than justified.

Competition: Lots of options

Draper’s Strength Resistance Bands: Draper’s four-pack set of resistance bands retails for roughly $35, and like the INTEY bands, there are several sizes in the pack. Unlike the INTEY pack, though, Draper lets you choose the sizes you want. The fact that Draper’s box of bands is customizable might make it worth the extra few dollars. 

Garage Fit Pull Up Bands: These bands are offered in several different resistances and thicknesses, but you’ll pay a premium for being able to choose your package. The bundle of three thicker bands is roughly $45, but the prices vary from band to band. They’re nice, though, and there are certainly more options with Garage Fit than INTEY.  

Final Verdict

Buy these affordable and durable bands!

INTEY didn’t reinvent the workout wheel with its Exercise Resistance Band Set, but it didn’t need to. The bands are durable and easy to clean, and they provide a wide range of resistance to help customize your workout. That’s more than enough to justify the price.


  • Product Name Exercise Resistance Bands
  • Product Brand INTEY
  • Price $29.99
  • Weight 2 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 10 x 5 x 2 in.
  • Material 100% natural latex
  • Resistance Strength Red: 15-35 lbs., Black: 25-65 lbs., Purple: 35-86 lbs., Green: 50-125 lbs.
  • Warranty 3-month money back/replacement guarantee; 24-month defect replacement warranty
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