How to Reduce Calories in Green Bean Casserole

Enjoy lower calorie green beans at your holiday meal

low calorie green bean casserole
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Do you enjoy a traditional green bean casserole at your Thanksgiving dinner? It might seem like the veggie dish would be good for your diet – after all, it has green beans in it. But the calorie content of most popular recipes is very high. So do you have to delete it from your menu? No. Just learn to reduce the calories in your green bean casserole.

Calories in Green Bean Casserole

Traditional green bean casserole is made with cream of mushroom soup and topped with french fried onions.

Traditional green bean casserole contains 161 calories per one-cup serving. It also provides up to 10 grams of fat, but nutritional information depends greatly on the ingredients used to prepare the dish.

If you make it with low-fat mushroom soup, you'll save a few calories, but not many. According to the folks at Campbell's, you'll only save about 15 calories per serving if you use their 98% fat-free soup. 

How to Make Healthier Green Bean Casserole

You can prepare a healthy green bean casserole recipe that uses bread crumbs instead of fried onions to save a few calories. But if you really love the onions, this alternative may not work for you. So another option is to use an online recipe tool to reduce the calories in your green bean casserole.

These tools help you to evaluate the fat and calorie content of each ingredient so you can cut back according to your own tastes.​

But if you don't really savor the creamy dish, why not simply enjoy steamed green beans? There are only 44 calories in green beans. They are low in sodium, high in calcium, and high in vitamins and minerals. Green beans are also full of fiber so that they will help you to feel full before you overeat.

Remember that there are many ways to reduce your caloric intake on Thanksgiving. Evaluate your menu and cut calories where you can to keep your diet on track. 

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