How to Plan Healthy Meals for the Week

Plan diet-friendly meals to lose weight with less hassle

How do you decide what to eat every day? Some dieters grab whatever they can and hope for the best. But smart dieters plan healthy meals for the week. That way they always have a diet-friendly meal ready to go when they are hungry. Learn how to plan your own healthy meals for the week so that you lose weight faster and keep the pounds off for good.

how to plan meals on your activity tracker
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If you have an hour, then you have time to plan healthy meals for the week, cook them and then freeze them so they are ready to eat when you're hungry. Use my step-by-step guide to gather the ingredients, cook each food, assemble meal packages, store the containers and reheat your yummy diet-friendly dinner.


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If you want to lose weight faster, then you'll learn to plan meals in advance. That way you're never making food choices when you're starving and too tired to cook. Use these quick and easy tips to make meal planning a snap. 


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Some people use a fitness tracker app to check their diet after they eat. But you can also use it in advance to plan healthy meals for the week. Find out how to get more out of your activity monitor for better health and weight loss.


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Plan a week's worth of healthy breakfasts with this step-by-step guide. Then say goodbye to morning stress and say hello to hassle-free, healthy eating. This yummy breakfast is less than 300 calories and is packed with protein and fiber. 


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You should eat a healthy breakfast to boost your energy and lose weight. Use these time-saving breakfast tips and healthy breakfast recipes designed specifically for weight loss. The breakfast foods are quick and easy to prepare, low in calories and packed with protein and fiber so you stay full and satisfied all morning.


Make a healthy lunch
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Learn how to make a healthy sandwich, a diet-friendly salad and even how to order healthy fast food meals for lunch. Use this list as a guide to plan your lunchtime meals for the whole week.


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Need more dinner ideas? This complete guide will help you plan meals for the week with more variety.  There are recipes and tips for creating Italian meals, Mexican meals and a wide variety of diet-friendly dinners.


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Planning healthy meals is important but planning healthy snacks is essential as well if you want to lose weight. These are the snacks you should keep in your fridge to curb your hunger and stay healthy and trim. 


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You can't plan healthy meals or even eat healthy meals if you don't have healthy ingredients in your house. Scan this quick guide to make sure you're using the best healthy strategies when you shop for weight loss foods.