How to Eat Protein-Packed Foods for Weight Loss

Diet Tips, Food Lists, and Recipes

Smart dieters use lean protein for weight loss. Why? Because lean protein foods help you to feel full longer and help you to feel more satisfied. The result is that many dieters eat less during the day and slim down faster.

In addition, if you participate in a strength training program, lean protein helps you build and maintain muscle. Not only will a leaner, tighter body look better, but a strong body functions better throughout the day. Daily physical activities become easier to do. And when activity is easier, you're likely to do more of it - and burn more calories in the process.

These tips, food lists, and recipes will help you to eat the right lean protein for weight loss. You'll learn how to choose the best protein foods to lose weight,  to eat the right amount of protein, and to balance your protein intake with ​good carbohydrates and healthy fats so that you build and maintain the body you deserve.

Why Choose a High Protein Diet for Weight Loss?

High protein diet for weight loss
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Do you know why protein is good for losing weight? You should. If you understand the benefits - and the drawbacks - of a high protein diet, you can make a smarter choice about the best weight loss plan for you.

High protein diets don't work for everyone. Check this guide to make sure it's right for you before you begin your weight loss journey.

How Much Protein for Weight Loss?

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Make sure you eat the right amount of protein each day to maximize your weight loss potential.  Use this guide to calculate your protein needs. Then compare your number to your current intake.

If you aren't getting enough, use the guide to figure out if you should use a protein powder for weight loss or if you should boost your intake at meal time and with healthy protein-rich snacks.

The Best Protein for Weight Loss (Food List)

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Once you've decided to go on a high protein diet for weight loss, you need to clean out your refrigerator and fill it with healthy protein-rich snacks and meal ingredients.  

Take this protein foods list with you to the grocery store and stock up. You'll find nutritious choices in almost every section of the market.

The Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

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One of the easiest ways to lose weight with protein is to use meal replacement smoothies. But the best protein shakes for weight loss should be high in nutrition and low in calories. So you have to be careful about the smoothie recipe that you use. 

Use this guide to follow a protein shake diet to jump start your weight loss or maintain your body once you've reached your goal.

The Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss

Best protein bars for weight loss
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Not sure which protein bar is best for your weight loss plan? This guide delivers the nutritional breakdown and provides recommendations for the best bar to choose.

It doesn't matter if you like crunchy bars, chocolatey bars or peanutty bars, you'll find a high protein bar to fit into your plan on this list.

Protein Snacks to Keep in Your Fridge

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Research has shown that if you have portion-controlled protein snacks ready to go in your refrigerator, you may eat less and lose weight faster.

So which protein snacks are best? Here's the list. Use it to stock up and slim down. 

On-the Go Snacks with Protein

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Find out what to pack and what to eat if you are on the run and you need a high-protein snack.

Throw these snacks in your gym bag, your brief case, your purse or your back pack to save calories and cash when you don't have time to stop for food.

Lean Protein Meals: Breakfast Food List and Recipes

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Go beyond eggs in the morning. There are many ways to include protein in your morning meal.

Use these tips to make a healthy breakfast that is low in calories but also full of fiber and protein to help you stay energized for the day.

Protein-Packed Lunch Ideas and Recipes

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Prevent that late afternoon slump by eating a healthy lunch with lean protein.

Find out how to prepare a mid-afternoon meal that will keep you full without making you sleepy. 

Lean Protein Meals: Dinner Recipes and Food List

Healthy chicken dinner
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Get creative and use different lean protein sources at dinner time.

Keep your diet on track, your budget in line, and your whole family happy with these recipes and food tips.

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