How to Lose Weight in Middle Age

Expert health and weight loss tips for middle aged men and women

Getting older doesn't have to mean getting fatter. In fact, you can stay fit, lean and strong as you age.  But it takes a little more effort and a lot more savvy than it did when you were younger.  Use these tips from weight loss experts, personal trainers and physicians to boost your metabolism, build muscle and lose weight in middle age.

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New York City endocrinologist Dr. Florence Comite provides insight and tips for managing your weight and staying fit and strong in your 50s and 60s.  Use her diet, health and exercise advice to get and stay lean.


Is menopause affecting your weight?. Ralf Nau/Getty Images

Scientists have studied the hormonal changes that happen during menopause and their research provides helpful insight into you can  manage your weight gain during this transitional time.


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Does every woman gain weight during menopause?  No, say scientists. Researchers have identified the women who stay lean after menopause and they explain what is different about their lifestyles.


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The hormonal changes, lifestyle changes and stresses that hit in middle age affect men, too.  I put together a panel of men - all weight loss experts - to provide the best weight loss tips for middle aged men who want to stay fit and strong as they age.


Chris Freytag stays lean with regular workouts. Chris Freytag

Have you seen Chris Freytag on television or online? The fitness and health guru stays exceptionally strong and lean even in her late 40s.  Find out what she eats and how she exercises to keep her camera-ready physique.


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If you are a woman who likes a structured plan for weight loss, use this program to reach your goal.  You'll set goals, change your diet and do targeted workouts to lose fat and shape your body


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If you and your spouse have been together for a long time, it's very possible that one of you has gained weight.  Should that be a problem?  Find out what Dr. Mike Abrams, a board certified clinical psychologist and psychology professor has to say about the strain it might put on your marriage.


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Think comfy shoes are good for your weight loss program? Well, they might be.  You'll walk farther and be more active in them.  But if you want to stay motivated, a pair of heels might do the trick.  Find out why.