Middle Age Weight Loss: Tips for Success

Expert Exercise and Nutrition Advice for Middle Aged Men and Women

Getting older doesn't have to mean getting fatter. In fact, you can stay fit, lean and strong as you age. Yes, it takes a little more effort and a lot more savvy than it did when you were younger, but middle age weight loss (and healthy weight maintenance) also comes with added benefits. 

If you keep your weight steady and minimize weight gain as you age, you can reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions that often plague men and women as they age. In addition, staying active and lean helps you to maintain stronger healthier joints so that you can enjoy physical activity with friends, children, and grandchildren.

It might feel like the odds are stacked against you, but as you hit middle age, several lifestyle factors change that can help you to get and stay fit. Take advantage of this stage of life—with all of its inherent benefits and challenges—to get and keep a strong, fit, healthy body. Use these tips from weight loss experts, personal trainers and physicians to boost your metabolism, build muscle and lose weight in middle age.

Know Your Numbers

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Middle age weight loss is more effective if you start with important data. You should gather essential health numbers to assess your starting point on the path to improved health. 

Your healthcare provider may be able to help you with some of the numbers, but you can do many of the measurements at home. Gather these numbers and write them in a weight loss journal or food log. Then as you move forward in your weight loss journey, check in to see which numbers have changed and which areas could use more work.

You can also get important health information from your doctor, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar data. You will likely see improvements in these areas with weight loss if you are currently overweight or obese.

Manage Weight Gain During Menopause

Scientists have studied the hormonal changes that happen during menopause and their research provides helpful insight into you can manage your weight gain during this transitional time.

Is it possible? Yes. But is it hard? Yes! Many side effects of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes make it hard to stick to an active lifestyle. Even the most dedicated exercisers are less likely to head to the gym when they've had just three or four hours of sleep. 

In addition, fatigue and mood changes make it hard to resist comfort foods and that extra glass of wine at night—habits that make weight loss challenging. 

Find out what you can and cannot do during menopause to make weight loss happen.

Lose Weight in Your 50s and 60s

New York City endocrinologist Dr. Florence Comite provides insight and tips for managing your weight and staying fit and strong in your 50s and 60s. 

In short, she says that advances in targeted medicine are helping older adults achieve maximum results when they start or increase physical activity. But she also says that the type of exercise you do matters more when you hit your 50s and 60s.

Her advice? Build muscle by adding strength training to your weekly routine. In addition, do functional stability training to help your body stay strong and stable. And lastly, she says that monitoring your protein intake is crucial as you get older. Your muscles need essential amino acids to build and maintain mass. Added muscle mass helps to keep your body strong and lean and helps you to keep a healthy metabolism.

Use her diet, health and exercise advice to get and stay lean.

Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

The hormonal changes, lifestyle changes and stresses that hit in middle age affect men, too. A panel of men—all weight loss experts— were interviewed to provide the best weight loss tips for middle aged men who want to stay fit and strong as they age.

They offer insight geared specifically for guys who struggle with an extra few pounds in middle age. 

Weight Loss for Women Over 40

When you hit 40, you might not feel middle aged...yet. But you know that that stage in life is right around the corner. If you are currently overweight or if you notice the numbers on the scale increasing, then now is the time to make changes.

If you are a woman who wants to reach or maintain a healthy weight, use these tips to reach your goal. The dos and don'ts help you to set goals, change your diet, and do targeted workouts to lose fat and shape your body.

Middle Age Weight Loss and Marriage

If you and your spouse have been together for a long time, it's very possible that one of you has gained weight. Should that be a problem? 

One of the challenges of middle age is not only changes to your body but also changes in your relationships. Find out what Dr. Mike Abrams, a board-certified clinical psychologist and psychology professor has to say about the strain it might put on your marriage.

Middle Age Weight Loss—Tips from Celebs

Have you seen Chris Freytag on television or online? The fitness and health guru stays exceptionally strong and lean even in middle age. Find out what she eats and how she exercises to keep her camera-ready physique.

Curious about other celebs? Get tips from Olympic athlete Dara Torres to find out how she maintains her sleek physique after competition is over. And if you're a fan of Suzanne Somers, she offers advice as well, for women in middle age who want to lose weight.

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