Lose Arm Fat With Diet, Treatments, and Exercise

While some women worry about the size of their hips, belly or thighs, other women feel that they have fat arms. Do your arms look as tight and firm as you'd like them to? If they don't, you're not alone. Almost all women struggle with some degree of flabbiness in their upper body and some of us even spend hours at the gym trying to lose arm fat or flabbiness in the upper back

If you've decided that it's time to learn how to lose arm fat, use this guide as your go-to resource. You'll learn which exercises to do, what eating plan works best and what to do about arm fat when diet and exercise don't work. Keep in mind that you can't spot reduce with diet or exercise. That is, if you lose weight, the weight will be lost throughout your body not just in one area. Pick one workout to do each day, but try to do something on most days of the week to get results that you (and your friends) will notice.

How to Lose Arm Fat With Exercise

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You don't have to go to the gym or join the military boot camp trend to get the arms of your dreams. You don't even have to do countless push-ups or other strenuous activities to shape your arms. Consistency is the key. So it's important that you choose exercises that are easy to follow and convenient enough to do at home.

There are simple workouts that you can do in your living room or even in your bedroom in just minutes. And the best part is that most of the exercises require no equipment at all, so you can start doing them today.

Follow a full workout guide or do a few of these simple exercises each day. You can even do them at your desk in the office. If you don't have weights, don't worry. You can do many exercises with a resistance band or with water bottles.

Total Body Tone-Up to Lose Arm Fat

Keep in mind that not every exercise in your workout needs to focus on your arms if losing arm fat is your goal. Compound, full-body exercises (like the lunge or the squat) increase your heart rate, boost your metabolism and make it easier for your body to burn fat.

Need a full-body workout that you can do at home? Celebrity trainer JR Allen pairs both upper and lower body exercises in a 30-minute workout that you can do in your living room with very little equipment.

You can also choose to do quick 5-minute workouts throughout the day to burn fat so that when you lose arm fat, the muscle underneath shows through.

Remember to stay consistent with whatever plan you choose. Try to create a weekly workout schedule on the day each week and post the schedule where you see it often.

Diet Tips to Lose Arm Fat

You may have heard the saying that great bodies are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. While fitness is important, there is a good deal of truth to that statement.

You might be doing plenty of workouts to lose arm fat, but still not seeing the definition and tightness that you desire. The problem? You not only need to exercise to lose arm fat, but you need to eat to lose arm fat, as well.

So what's the best diet for strong sexy arms? The best diet for you is the one that you can stick to, but there are a few general rules that you'll want to stick to.

  • Eat the right number of calories. It doesn't matter what you eat if you are eating too much of it. If you eat more calories than your body can burn, it will store the calories as fat. The fat may end up on your arms. Calculate the number of calories you need to slim down and stick to the number.
  • Boost your protein intake. If you have started a weight training program to lose arm fat, you'll want to make sure you get enough protein to boost muscle growth. Fill your fridge with protein snacks and make sure you get a serving of lean protein at each meal.
  • Choose quality carbs. Carbohydrates provide your body with energy for those important workout sessions. But choose your carbs wisely. Go for whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruit. Avoid processed and starchy carbs that give you a quick sugar high and then leave you with uncontrollable cravings.

How to Lose Arm Fat With Medical Treatments

If you have stubborn arm fat that won't go away with diet and exercise, there is an FDA-approved medical treatment that can help. UltraShape is pain-free and you can even get the procedure done on your lunch hour. Not everyone is a candidate for the procedure, but you might be. Find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your budget and your options.

If saggy arms are the result of loose skin after weight loss, then you may be a good candidate for a non-surgical medical treatment to tighten your arms. There are three FDA-approved treatments available to help reduce loose skin on your arms or other parts of your body.

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