How to Find Running Partners to Stay Motivated

Stay Motivated to Run by Running With Others

If you usually run by yourself, you're missing out on a lot of benefits of group running, such as improved motivation and better performance. Here are some ways you can try to find running buddies.


Find a Local Running Club

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Check out Road Runners Club of America to find the club closest to you. Many running clubs websites have forums or databases where members can post requests for running buddies. You can scan through the posts and see if someone matches your pace and schedule. You can also go to their group runs to find runners at your pace.


Check With Your Local Running Store

Many of them offer group training runs, usually for free, that start and finish at the store. Even if they don't host runs, the employees are part of the running community and can probably suggest local running groups to you. They may also have postings on their bulletin board from people looking for running partners. Also see: How to Find Local Running Stores


Ask at Your Gym or Health Club

Some gyms have running clubs or sign-ups for running partners. Check their bulletin board for notices or sign-ups for running clubs or running partners. If your gym doesn't offer anything like that, ask if it's OK if you post a note saying that you're looking for a running buddy. Because the audience is fit-minded people like yourself, you're likely to find someone.


Find a Charity Group Training Program

Many not-for-profit organizations offer coaching and cover race expenses in exchange for your fundraising efforts. You'll meet lots of other runners and hopefully find a few at your fitness level and training pace. The biggest programs with many locations across the country include: the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training and the American Cancer Society's DetermiNation.


Find a Running Group for Your Interest

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If you're a mom, check out, a free walking/running group for moms of all ages and stages (and their kids), to find out about organized runs in your area. If you like to use a run/walk method, check out Jeff Galloway training groups.


Register for a Local Road Race

Many races offer free group training runs to registered participants. If you're training for a specific race, check the race website to see if they have any organized training runs scheduled. Even if they don't offer organized training runs, you may meet some new running buddies during or after the race. More: How to Find Local Road Races


Check out Fitness Dating Sites

If you're looking for a running partner and also a possible romantic connection, register with a dating website for single people who love to run, such as or You can browse through profiles of runners in your area and select who you want to meet. Also see: How to Find Romance Through Running


Volunteer at a Road Race

Donating your time at a road race is a great way to meet people in your local running community. While you're sitting at the registration table or handing out water cups, you're likely to meet other runners who may also be looking for running buddies.


Recruit Runners at Work

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Ask around at work and see if any is interested in running before work, during lunch, or after work. See if any of your co-workers are interested in training together for a local race.

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