How to Find Cheap Treadmills

Three Treadmill Walkers
Treadmill Walkers. Darryl Leniuk/DigitalVision/Getty Images

When you are ready to get a treadmill, you want to save money and get one cheap. But you don't necessarily want a cheap treadmill, you want a treadmill that is of good quality you can find for a bargain price.

Cheap Treadmills

One kind of cheap treadmill has a low price but is also low on quality, power and durability. Most motorized treadmills for under $1,000 manufacturer's suggested retail price are less sturdy, have a less powerful motor, and have fewer workout features.

As a result, they may not work well for heavier runners and walkers and are more prone to break down from average use. The good news is that overall quality has been improving at the lower price points over the past several years, especially with folding treadmills, according to treadmill expert Fred Waters.

If you want to buy new one, here is our list of the best cheap treadmills for up to $1,500.

Finding Good Treadmills for Cheap

Rather than pay hundreds of dollars and still get a low quality treadmill, it is wiser to shop for a used good quality treadmill for the same price or less. You can often find a good used motorized treadmill for a huge discount and get a better quality treadmill for your dollars.

Many people sell their almost-unused treadmills as the New Year's Resolutions wear off. You can find practically-new treadmills sold as used.

Your first step is to research good quality treadmill features, brands and models.

You need to know what to look for in a home treadmill so you can judge what you find out there.

Now you can start shopping:

  • Local gyms and fitness clubs. Club treadmills are usually commercial treadmills of the best quality. Look for a gym that is selling their used equipment due to replacement or going out of business. Just be sure that it has a regular electrical plug and doesn't need a heavy-duty outlet.
  • Online resale: Look for treadmills on eBay, Craigslist and other online resale sites. Try to connect with a local seller as shipping costs would be high for this heavy item.
  • Local Classified Ads: Look in the classified ad section for your local online publications and print publications.
  • Charity thrift stores: Look at Goodwill and other charity shops.
  • Play It Again Sports stores throughout the United States and Canada sell used treadmills. Many other exercise equipment stores do as well.
  • Moving sales, garage sales, rummage sales: You are likely to see treadmills for sale by your neighbors when they need to move or decided to clean house. It's good to have a personal chat with the owner to find out how much use it got, and you can often drive a very good bargain. But you need to do your research on whether it is a quality model or a cheap one that is not going to last.

Drawbacks of Buying a Used Treadmill

  • You probably won't be able to get a warranty or guarantee with a used treadmill. Any future repairs will be on your own dime, which can be expensive.
  • You will also have to get the treadmill home and set up, which can be quite a chore for such a heavy object. New treadmills often come with home set-up included or purchased for a fee.
  • The product manuals are rarely included with used treadmills, so you'll need to find them online, usually at the manufacturer's site.
  • With these drawbacks, purchasing used makes it even more important to do regular treadmill maintenance so it keeps working well.