How to Find a Diet Pill That Works

Some Medications May Help You Lose Weight, but Others Just Drain Your Wallet

Are you looking for a little extra help to lose weight? If so, you've got plenty of options to choose from. Diet pills and supplements are widely available in vitamin stores, online and in health clubs. And several prescription diet medications have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But are any of them really effective? And more importantly, are they safe? Check this list to see what choices you have before you invest. Then talk to your healthcare provider before you make a final decision.​

Complete Guide to Diet Pills and Weight Loss Supplements

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Should you try a medication from your doctor or a supplement from the vitamin store? And what about all of those online ads for extracts, plant seeds, and teas? Use this updated list of the most common pills and supplements to get quick facts about safety and effectiveness.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Take a Weight Loss Pill


Diet pills and weight loss supplements sound like a good idea, but there are three important questions that many dieters forget to ask before they invest. Make sure you know all the answers before you take any pill, herbal treatment or supplement to lose weight.

Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss

Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss
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Herbal diet supplements are not regulated the same way that our food and medications are regulated. So you have to be extra careful when you buy them. Use this list to sort fact from fiction before you buy any popular supplement to lose weight

alli for Weight Loss - Does It Work and Is It Safe?

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This over-the-counter diet pill is available without a prescription and it's easy to find in drug stores and discount markets. But does that mean you should take it? Get results from other alli users and plenty of information about side effects before you decide.

Adipex-P for Weight Loss: Side Effects and Results

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Many dieters use Adipex-P to speed up the weight loss process. Some even buy the diet pill online. But there are some people who shouldn't take this medication. Find out if it will work for you and how to stay safe when you take it for weight loss.

XENICAL: Costs, Side Effects and Weight Loss Results

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This diet pill is available by prescription only and has been used successfully by many dieters to lose weight. But the weight loss medication doesn't work for everyone. So before you invest, learn about XENICAL costs and side effects. Then talk to your doctor about whether the diet medication is right for you.

Xenical vs alli: Which Orlistat Dose is Best?


Both of these FDA approved medications contain the same ingredient. It's called orlistat. So, what's the difference between them? Find out which one you should take by learning about the difference between alli and Xenical.

Belviq: Diet Pill Results, Side Effect, Costs

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Newly approved in 2012, the prescription medication Belviq (lorcaserin) may offer dieters some relief from the struggles of weight loss. Learn how it is different from other diet pills and find out what you should ask your doctor before getting a prescription.

Qsymia: Diet Pill Results, Side Effects, Costs


Qsymia is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to help you lose weight. But just because it's approved doesn't mean you should take it. Find out what you can expect from this new diet pill and learn more about the costs and the side effects of taking the weight loss medication.

Contrave Weight Loss Medication

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This new drug is a combination of two medications that help you to slim down. But it is only approved to help certain types of patient lose weight. Find out how it works and whether or not you can or should take it to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Saxenda Weight Loss Medication

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Saxenda is a new injectable medication that is FDA-approved for weight loss. The treatment is not traditional but it might be just what you need to slim down and improve your health.

Garcinia Cambogia: 3 Things to Know Before You Buy

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With a little help from Dr. Oz, this pill is flying off store shelves.  But what does the research really say about this popular supplement? Smart dieters already know the facts - make sure you do too.

Lipozene for Weight Loss: Is It Safe and Effective?

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You've seen the ads and they sound really impressive! But what's really behind the popular diet pill? Do the clinical trials really produce the results that are advertised. You'll be surprised when you find out what I found out when I read through the studies.

Can I Lose Weight With Raspberry Ketones?

raspberry ketones for weight loss
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There is no diet supplement that is more popular than raspberry ketones. But have checked into the research into this weight loss aid Well, I did and this is what I found out. 

The Number of Pounds You Will Lose if You Take CLA

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Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has taken the weight loss world by storm. Have you tried it yet? Find out what research says about the amount of weight you are likely to lose if you try this pill.

Forskolin For Weight Loss: Is It Safe and Effective?

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Forskolin is used to treat a variety of conditions. The popular herbal supplement is also advertised as a "fat-blocker." But what does that really mean? How much fat does it block? And how much weight will you really lose?

Do I Need a Leucine Supplement to Lose Weight?


Many dieters are hopping on the leucine bandwagon. The amino acid has shown promise in some research studies. But before you buy a supplement get the facts about what leucine can and can not do.

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