How to Enjoy a Walk on the Las Vegas Strip

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas
Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Walking the Las Vegas Strip is one of my favorite city strolls. You need to be a distance walker if you plan to leave the hotel - it's a long walk between casinos and attractions. Even within one big casino hotel, you can log 10,000 steps from your room to the restaurants and casino throughout the day without ever going outside. I also walk the walker-friendly Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon's half marathon.

Walking Climate 

I live in the wet Northwest and find the high, dry climate of Las Vegas to be a wonderful change for walking. Each morning I get up with the sun and put on my walking clothes, taking care to put on lots of sunscreen and bring along a hat. Early in the morning, the sidewalks of the Strip are sparsely populated, and there are many joggers and exercise walkers out and about.

In hot weather, early morning is the only time of day to walk in Las Vegas. In winter, the city can be cool to cold and also very windy. Check the temperature before heading out. Rainstorms are real gully-washers, so opt for an indoor walk if it's raining.

Year-Round Walks 

The AVA/IVV sanctions year-round self-guided walks in Las Vegas. You can pick up a map and enjoy a route designed by local walkers of the North Strip, South Strip, downtown Las Vegas and the UNLV campus. The routes and the starting locations may change, so check for the current year details at Nevada Year-Round Walks. If you live in the area or happen to be in town with the Las Vegas High Rollers & Strollers club is doing a group walk, you can join in. The cost to join in is minimal, $3 for IVV credit stamp or a donation if you don't stamp IVV record books.

Mall Walking 

Indoor mall walking opportunities abound at the shopping malls attached to the casino hotels. You can escape the weather and stroll through them before the shops open.

  • Miracle Mile Shops attached to the Planet Hollywood Casino Hotel offers a great indoors walking opportunity - approximately a one-mile indoor circular mall.
  • The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian / The Palazzo are a gorgeous walk with grand decorations in an Italian style. You can enjoy the gondoliers singing opera as you stroll.
  • The Caesars Forum Shops have another big loop with many high-end shops.
  • Mandalay Place to Luxor: This walking route includes shops all along the climate-controlled walking promenade between these two South Strip hotels.
  • Via Bellagio shops have beautiful decor, and you must continue through the casino to visit the Bellagio Conservatory with its amazing botanical displays that change seasonally.
  • For a true mall, visit the Fashion Show Mall.

Outdoor Walking 

Part of the fun of Las Vegas is watching it change constantly. New casinos replace old ones. Many attractions are enjoyable from the sidewalks, such as the fountains at the Bellagio, the Sirens show at TI and the erupting volcano at The Mirage.

Las Vegas has put in pedestrian overpasses at most of the big intersections for pedestrian safety. You can use the escalators (when working) or elevator, or get in a stair-climbing interval. These can be a place to snag a cheap bottle of water from an entrepreneur with a cooler.

All along the walk, you can stop in at the casinos for water, restroom, or a gambling break 24 hours a day. There are also lots of gift shops and water vending machines along the street. The environment is safe for everyone — I have never had a bad incident on the Strip in my many walking vacations there. However, you may feel less comfortable on the side streets. I stick with the Strip.

Some hotel casinos now feature their walking courses. The walk at Bellagio is great for exercise laps. Start at the end of the shops, walk around the front of the fountains and past the lake back up to the front doors, then turn around and return to the shops. This route is approximately 1 kilometer, with an incline.

One obnoxious fact of life in walking in Las Vegas are the pamphleteers who stand along all the sidewalks trying to force you to take their ads for escort services. There was a brief interlude of a couple of years where this was banned, but the First Amendment won out and they are back.

I enjoy walking fast up and down the Strip each day. This is best done in the early morning before the crowds take to the sidewalks — anytime before noon. Walking after dark is also very enjoyable as temperatures cool, but things get crowded in the evenings.

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