How to Cut Carbs for Weight Loss

Tips for Cutting Carbs to Lose Weight

Are you thinking about cutting carbs to lose weight? Or are you learning how to cut carbs for improved health and wellness? It can be confusing to decide which carbs to cut and which ones to keep eating. The headlines are often contradictory. Many times, you read one tip about cutting carbs in one article and then read something completely different in another. 

The best way to cut carbs for weight loss is to rely on evidence-based guidelines. These are the recommendations that are based on clinical studies and peer-reviewed research. Are these carbohydrate guidelines trendy? Nope. But these are the carb cutting tips and food guides that are used by countless successful dieters who slim down and keep the weight off for good.

Counting Carbs

Cutting carbs doesn't mean eliminating all carbohydrates from your diet. You still need some of this important micronutrient for energy. In fact, according to the Dietary Reference Intakes of the Institute of Medicine, you should consume between 45 percent and 65 percent of your daily calories from carbohydrate. But other health agencies provide different guidelines. So how many carbs should you consume and are some carbs counted differently than others?

Find out what the science says about going on a low carbohydrate plan. Counting carbohydrates doesn't work for everyone. In some cases, it might be smarter to count calories.  Go beyond the headlines to get the facts before you decide that carb counting is best for you.

How to Cut Carbs to Lose Weight

According to a major review of weight loss studies published in JAMA, dieters who combined three key features were most successful at weight loss. Was cutting carbs one of them? No, it wasn't. But that doesn't mean you won't be successful if you cut carbs to lose weight. You just need to be sure that you incorporate these elements into your plan:

  • A diet that reduced food intake by about 500 calories per day 
  • More physical activity like walking for 20-25 minutes each day
  • Support from a trained professional such as a doctor, registered nurse, or registered dietitian

Learn more about the importance of these important factors and why they matter. Then choose a carb cutting plan that works for you. Some people opt for a commercial low carb diet while others choose to cut carbs on their own. There are also carb cutting programs online and in books. This quick article will give you the basic tips you need to get started to learn how to cut carbs to lose weight.

How Many Carbs to Cut?

The number of carbohydrates you consume each day can make or break your low carb plan, according to many experts. But it's hard to know exactly how many carbs to eat because the recommendations vary from diet to diet.

Learn the number of carbs you should eat per day to lose weight, based on evidence-based guidelines. Find out how many carbs are in a typical low carb diet and use this guide so that you don't eat too many carbs or go so low that your diet backfires.

Which Carbs Should I Cut?

You've probably heard of good carbs and bad carbs. Some nutritionists also refer to simple and complex carbohydrates. Often, people assume that complex carbs are good and simple carbs are bad. But that isn't always the case.

No safe weight loss program recommends that you get rid of all carbs in your diet. Use this guide to figure out which carbohydrates to keep in your diet plan and which ones you should avoid to lose body fat more quickly.

How to Count Net Carbs

Some of the most popular low carbohydrate diets require that you count "net" carbs.  Net carbs are total carbs minus carbs from fiber. You can use the nutrition facts label to get the number.

So why are net carbs important? If you are cutting carbs to lose weight, you'll want to keep some high fiber foods in your diet. By counting net carbs, you can satisfy your carb cravings and still stick to your diet plan.  Find out why net carbs make a difference when you're learning how to carbs for weight loss.

Should I Cut Carbs, Fat, or Sugar?

If you're cutting carbs to lose body fat, does that mean that fat grams and sugar grams don't matter? Can you eat all the fat you want when you go low carb? And what about sugar? Do you really need to know how much you're eating?

Find out why fat grams, sugar, and carbs all matter and learn how to balance the numbers to reach your goal weight. 

How to Cut Carbs: Tools and Calculators

Use these online sources and free calculators to quickly and accurately get the carbohydrate counts that you need for all of the foods that you eat.

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