Cooking for Weight Loss

Cooking at Home Is the Smartest Way to Slim Down

There are dozens of diet programs and services that deliver calorie-controlled meals to help you slim down. But cooking for weight loss provides better results.

If you can learn to shop for and prepare your own healthy meals to lose weight, you'll be more likely to keep the pounds off once you reach your goal. And the best part is that when you learn to cook diet-friendly meals at home, you can save money as well. Use this list of tips and recipes to get started on your path to weight loss and healthy living.

Healthy Tips for Cooking at Home

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Chefs who work in gourmet kitchens and even smart cooks at home have sneaky tricks that make food preparation easier.

Did you know that you should not wash your berries when you bring them home from the market?

Keeping them dry helps keep them fresh for a longer period of time. And when you freeze bananas, remove the skins and "flash freeze" them to save space. Even if you're not trying to lose weight, these smart tricks will save you time and money. 

Cooking to Cut Calories

Clever food swaps can help you to cut fat and cut calories from all the foods you make at home.

For example, if you enjoy creamy soups like Cream of Broccoli or Creamy Tomato Soup, you can use pureed white beans instead of heavy cream to get the consistency you enjoy.

Not only do you cut calories but you also boost the nutritional value of the food. Beans are full of fiber that helps you to feel full and eat less.

Find out which foods you can substitute to save calories when you make your favorite comfort foods and which essential kitchen tools you need to have if you're trying to lose weight.

Cook Healthy Meals at Home

Use this step-by-step guide to shop for and prepare a full week's worth of portion controlled healthy meals. Make substitutions as needed to keep your diet on track. You'll be surprised how easy it is. 

Print out and use the grocery list to gather healthy foods, learn to cook each of the ingredients, then use the simple guide to assemble, store and reheat your diet-friendly meals.

The entire meal cooking and prep process takes less than an hour. 

Meal Plans to Lose Weight

Do you need a complete meal plan for weight loss? A nutrition expert provides three complete weight loss plans in this guide. Choose one to follow or follow one per week for three weeks. 

Each plan is packed with nutrition and provides enough calories to fuel your day but also allows you to reach the essential calorie deficit needed for weight loss.

Cook a Healthy Breakfast at Home

Start your day with one of these healthy breakfast ideas, and recipes. Cook at home and make a complete meal with eggs, oats and a smoothie. Or head to your local coffee shop and order a delicious coffee drink that won't derail your diet. Try to eat within an hour of waking up and make your morning meals the highest in calories (as compared to other meals) to prevent fatty or sugary cravings later in the evening. Use this guide to keep your morning calorie count in control.

Nutritious Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss

Prepare salad in a jar or make a big batch of vegetable soup for lunch. Use these recipes to make a nutritious work lunch, your home lunch, or your lunch-on-the-go. There is even a guide for ordering food at a fast food joint if your lunch takes you to the drive-thru lane.

Dinner Recipes and Tips

Make a big Italian meal, or choose to have tacos for dinner. Use these cooking guides to serve yourself or your family a healthy dinner every night of the week. For a more successful weight loss journey, consider making your dinners lower in overall calories as you are less metabolically active in the evening. Also, avoid eating close to your bedtime.

Do your kids hate vegetables? More importantly, do you hate vegetables? Veggies are the cornerstone of a diet-friendly meal. Learn how to cook vegetables so that they taste better and improve your health.   

3 Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Better

Make Diet-Friendly Foods in Your Blender

If you're one of those dieters who uses her blender just to make smoothies, then you need to read this article.  You can make a wide range of foods with this handy kitchen tool. With a good blender and some great recipes, you can blend delicious soups, dips, and even ice cream! 

The Essential Recipe Tool for Weight Loss

The Recipe Analyzer at Verywell allows you to input a recipe get easy to read nutrition facts for your food. Once you get your result, you may want to modify ingredients to cut calories or cut fat. The tool makes it easy to do so you can cook healthier foods at every meal.

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