How to Beat Treadmill Boredom

Young woman on treadmill watching television
PNC/Getty Images

How do you beat treadmill boredom? Treadmills exercise the body, but not the mind. Good tactics to keep from being bored during a treadmill workout:

  • Listening to music: Look down a row of treadmills at a health club and you will see many people plugged into their iPods or smartphones. Music of the right tempo can help you pick up the pace.
  • Interval Workouts: Use the built-in programs on your treadmill to change the pace and incline, or set them up for yourself. Treadmill Interval Workouts
  • Watching television or video: Do you have a favorite show to view from treadmill? Treadmill noise can be a problem if you are trying to listen to a TV set. With tablet devices such as the iPad and handhelds such as the iTouch and smart phones, your video can be much more portable and easier to hook up to headphones or ear buds.
  • Virtual Walks: Some treadmill apps are set up to follow along a virtual path via Google Maps or other apps. There are videos you can use for your TV, tablet or via an app to give you a virtual walking experience.
  • Gaming: You can get creative and set up your gaming device to use while you are on the treadmill, perhaps only allowing yourself to play while treadmilling. The Goji Play system is designed to work with treadmills and other cardio equipment, with your game play speed determined by how fast you are moving. Its controllers fit onto the handrails or are carried as batons.
  • Podcasts and Audiobooks: Listening isn't just for music. Podcasts of any topic can keep your brain in gear while your body works out, and you can pick ones that are the same length as your desired workout. With an audiobook, you may extend your workout to keep going until the end of the next chapter.
  • Reading: Many treadmills are designed with a ridge to help you keep a book or magazine on the control panel. But some people get motion sickness trying to read while treadmilling.
  • Working out with a treadmill buddy: Talking to a friend while on the treadmill can keep both of you motivated. You can challenge each other to a virtual race.
  • Talking on your mobile phone: I often see people chatting away on the phone while on the treadmill. To be able to carry on a conversation, you are either working out at moderate intensity or light intensity. By they time you are up to a vigorous intensity, you can only utter short phrases. Chatting on the phone is fine at home, but can annoy others at the gym.