How Our Team Is Finding New Ways to Stay Fit Right Now

Verywell Fit team fitness during COVID-19

Key Takeaways

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has upended daily routines for Verywell Fit staff, just like it has for so many others.
  • The team is finding new ways to exercise and promote physical and mental well-being.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is impacting all of our lives in ways we never expected. From serious public health concerns to increasing mental health issues to job loss and financial stress, it’s an understatement to say we have a lot on our minds these days.

But the pandemic also has uprooted so much of what keeps us grounded—our healthy, active lifestyles. With access to gyms and fitness studios limited, in addition to restrictions on public spaces and fewer opportunities for movement throughout the day, we've been forced to adapt the way we think about fitness.

If it feels like a daily struggle to find ways (or motivation) to exercise right now, you’re not alone.

Here at Verywell Fit, our mission is—and always will be—to empower you to reach your diet and fitness goals. We’re still committed to helping you do that from the comfort of your own home.

To prove it, we’re sharing how our team is finding new ways to stay fit these days. For some, we have more time than ever to focus on fitness. For others, it’s just not something we’re able to work into our new schedules. And that’s OK! Don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, or more sedentary than usual. 

In sharing these tips, we only want to show you a few new ideas that are bringing us a little bit of joy right now, in the hopes they might help you feel a little bit better too.

We Are Staying Committed to Our Routines

Sabrina Szriftgiser, Verywell

“Before COVID-19 hit, I worked out with a trainer a few times a week, and used rowing classes at Row House and workouts with Aaptiv to fill in the gaps.

“Now I am virtually training with my trainer and doing Row House Go classes on Facebook Live. I have also been trying my best to hit 10K steps daily!”

Sabrina Szriftgiser, Senior Director, Marketing

We Are Adjusting to New Schedules

“My fitness routine has changed dramatically for the worse. My regular routine of 5-6 days a week of focused training has been replaced with maybe two short runs and a couple of bodyweight workouts at home—typically on my roof. 

“Thankfully, my gym (Crow Hill CrossFit) is providing remote programming through its app, which has been helpful to vary the few workouts I do get in.”

Mark Lewis, Director, Product

We Are Able to Do More With Our Time

Nick Ingalls, Verywell

“The extra time at home has actually been a big boost to my routine. Instead of commuting 2-plus hours every day, I have more time to sleep and the flexibility to do a full workout, including running outside and strength training inside, when normally I would have to choose just one to fit in my schedule. 

“My wife and I have been streaming Orangetheory Fitness workouts at home while the gyms are closed, which has been a nice way to either start or end the workday.”

Nick Ingalls, Senior Editor

We Are Going Digital

“I used to only go to boxing and training classes at Rumble. I never worked out at home, ever! Now I am using virtual classes and YouTube to try to stay active with resistance band, weight training, and good ol' cardio and bodyweight exercises. I still haven't figured out the walking part though. It’s just too crowded near where I live so I'm not going out anymore.”

Hannah Hashmi, Senior Marketing Manager

We Are Getting Creative

Emily Rose, Verywell

“For the past 10 years, my fitness identity has been a runner. But after six marathons, countless other races, and a pretty serious back injury two years ago, I started running fewer miles to make time for other things. 

“As a result, I got hooked on the Peloton bike in my apartment building’s gym. While I can't use the shared bike right now (though I did unsuccessfully ask if I could 'babysit' it in my apartment!), the accompanying Peloton app is my quarantine lifesaver for strength, yoga, HIIT, and, yes, even some running workouts.

“I love building a custom workout—all in a space no bigger than a yoga mat. Not only do I feel stronger than when I used to run endless miles, the community connection makes me feel less alone through this experience. I’ve cried my way through yoga classes, but I’ve also laughed my way through burpees by FaceTiming with my sister at the same time so we can work out together.

“And when I need some fresh air, I'm still heading outside for solo runs, sometimes running loops in abandoned parking lots. Hey, they are less crowded than parks these days!”

Emily Rose, Senior Editorial Director

We Are Joining Challenges


“I am doing some free yoga videos on YouTube with Yoga with Adriene. She's currently doing a yoga challenge for the month with themed videos (for energy, for calm, etc.) each day.

“I’m also getting outside to take walks or ride my bike. I used to always sign up for fitness classes because I thought that was the easiest way to exercise with a busy schedule, but now I have more time to get back to what relaxes me and connects me with nature.”

Laura Harold, Editor

We Are Moving in New Ways

“My weekly Pilates reformer class is out of the question for the time being, but I've really enjoyed doing live video conferences with my teacher so she can guide me through a challenging mat routine. I definitely work harder with her coaching me than I do when I'm on my own! 

“I'm also finding that I crave being outside now that we're 'sheltering in place' at home. I'm taking every opportunity to go on walks during the day to get some fresh air, which wasn't part of my old fitness routine—but I'm liking it so much that I plan to keep it going.”

Shelby Daley, Quality Assurance Editor 

We Are Finding Great Alternatives

Rob Stephen, Verywell

“I’ve always been an active gym- or class-goer, so I never really enjoyed exercising at home. But I am happy to report that I have been surprised by how great the online streaming classes are and how many are available. 

“I’ve been combining Matt Wilpers’ Peloton classes with a Daily Burn core program to give me a great balance of cardio, strength, and core training—all from my living room.”

Rob Stephen, VP, Marketing

We Are Setting Big Goals

“Before COVID-19, I was doing a lot of in-person group strength training and cardio classes at Jane DO. Now the same gym is offering live, online classes. They are still rewarding because I get that group atmosphere feeling I’ve been missing.

“I also am taking this time to go on runs at off-peak times. I plan to run a half marathon in Jersey City later this year, so now is the perfect time to start training!”

Natalie Maneval, Editor

We Are Resting and Recovering

Anisa Arsenault, Verywell

"As a runner with a chronic injury, I've leaned heavily on low-impact activities—swimming, spin classes, barre classes—every day for almost a year. But with gyms and workout studios closed, I've totally surprised myself. I haven't really been working out at all.

“Trying to come up with an alternative to running every day was exhausting, and I'm relieved to have a break—for my physical and mental health. Despite what I would've told you a year ago, working out is not the most important thing. I think safely making it through a global pandemic also counts as a health activity.

“In the meantime, I'm using this newfound free time to be more diligent about physical therapy exercises and work on my pushup form. I've also been streaming some barre classes from Exhale that are surprisingly simple to do at home. 

“I'm sure that when it's safe to resume my usual workout routine again, I'll wholeheartedly jump back in. And I might even forget that I just said working out isn't the most important thing.”

Anisa Arsenault, Senior Editor

We Are Working Out More Than Ever

Craig Haines, Verywell

“I’m fortunate enough to have a good gym in the basement, which means I’ve been working out more than ever during this quarantine!” 

Craig Haines, Chief Revenue Officer

We Are Finding New Inspiration

“I used to go to a gym near our office. Now, I've found really great YouTube yoga and Pilates classes that help set me up for a balanced day. I love Boho Beautiful, who shoots her classes in gorgeous, beachy locations.”

Caitlin Fulford, Senior Director of Account Management

We Are Being Kind to Ourselves

Rachel Berman, Verywell

“My fitness routine has actually slowed down a lot—and I'm OK with it! We're all dealing with a lot and it's really important for us to just be kind and not beat ourselves up if we are more sedentary than usual.

“I do try to go for walks and do yoga here and there. I’m using the Peloton app with one of my favorite instructors and Verywell Fit Review Board member Kristin McGee for those classes!”

Rachel Berman, General Manager

We Are Redefining Dad Bods

“My fitness these days involves carrying my kids more because I'm home more. Other than that, I’m not doing much!”

Brian Piccione, Tech Lead

We Are Reprioritizing Our Fitness 

Rob Parisi, Verywell

“I am using the time that previously went toward my commute and re-directing it toward fitness. Long walks with my family, Daily Burn videos, and especially football with my boys are most effective for me right now.”

Rob Parisi, General Manager

We Are Shaking It Out

"Before coronavirus hit, my friend and I would go to the gym together a few times a week and I spent as much time as possible walking around the city. Now that things have changed, my main focus is moving in ways that help me feel grounded. 

“I’m still taking walks when I can and also getting back into my own personal yoga practice. And when in doubt, solo dance parties have become a thing for me. Whenever I start to feel anxiety building, I just stand up and shake it out as hard as I can.”

Kate Nelson, Assistant Editor

We Are Staying Connected to Community

Nicole Kwan, Verywell

“With my morning yoga practice, I've been using Yoga Anytime to take class from one of my favorite teachers, Margi Young, who no longer lives in New York. 

“I’m also streaming live classes from my studios here in NYC—Kula Yoga Project (shoutout to Amy Wolfe) and Now Yoga, so it feels like I'm still part of the world and not totally isolated. As much as I miss being in the community physically, having this digital connection—even with relative strangers—is comforting.”

Nicole Kwan, Associate Editorial Director

We Are Picking Up the Pace

“I’ve been a hard-core devotee of at-home workouts for about four years, and I am leaning into those now more than ever. I rely on the early-morning sweat sessions in my basement before the madness of working/parenting/homeschooling/surviving begins.

“I’m also a runner, and now I have my kids joining me on their bikes. Some afternoons, my sons ride bikes while I jog along a path near our house. It’s nice to get outside with them, and their speedy cycling forces me to keep pace.”

Sara Michael, Senior Director, Content Integrity

We Are Loving Shorter Workouts

Brynn Holland, Verywell

“I was teaching Rueda de Casino and Cuban salsa dance classes twice a week before this! Those are on hold indefinitely. For now, I am now going on (social distancing) walks and doing at home exercises. 

“I’ve really been enjoying the MadFit channel, which has a ton of workouts that range from 10–20 minutes. These bite-sized classes seem more manageable right now.”

Brynn Holland, Manager, SEO & Content Strategy

We Are Getting Stronger Every Day

Leyla Shamayeva, Verywell

“I've shifted from in-person classes to streaming classes, and I've been loving it! I've discovered workouts I don't usually do, and they have done wonders for my mental and physical strength. 

“At first I was overwhelmed by all the live streams and subscriptions that became available. I tried out a few, and now I'm obsessed and only work out with Active by POPSUGAR

“What a great collection and variety of workouts—all clear and easy to follow! I'm on day 10 of the 21 Days to Kickstart Your Fitness challenge, and getting stronger every day.”

Leyla Shamayeva, Director of Editorial Solutions

What This Means For You

Here at Verywell Fit, we have used the changes brought by the coronavirus pandemic to rethink our fitness and health routines. We hope that our stories may inspire you to make some healthy changes too—or to forgive yourself if you've had to forgo your workouts for the time being.

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