How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone After a Run

Runner with headphones
Henrik Sorensen

Running with a cell phone is a great safety precaution, but there's always a chance that sweat, rain, or even a leaky water bottle could get it wet and stop it from working.

Fixing Your Cell Phone If It Gets Wet 

If it happens to you, here's some basic first aid for reviving a wet cell phone:

  • Don't try to turn it on again until it's completely dried out. First, shake out as much water as you can and dry it off with a paper towel.
  • Take out the battery and the SIM card (the portable memory card) and dry them off with a paper towel. Don't try to dry the inside of the phone - you might break it.
  • Pour dry rice into a zip lock bag. Place your phone, the SIM card, and battery in the bag of rice and make sure they're covered. Seal the bag and leave everything in there overnight.
  • The next day, take everything out and clean with a damp paper towel. Put the battery and SIM card back in the phone. If it still doesn't work when you turn it on, keep it in a warm place for a while and try again.

If I'm carrying my phone in my pocket or running belt, especially during summer running, I slip it into a ziplock bag to protect it. I've never had a problem with my phone getting wet!  Check out some running belts and phone carriers that are a good place to store your (protected) cell phone.

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