How can I lose weight fast for my wedding? Well, that's a tough one

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If you're getting married, you're probably already stressed about all the details.  One major stressor?

Your weight.

You may start to panic a bit as the big day comes, wondering if there's something you can do to lose

Here's The Deal

If your wedding is just a few days or weeks away, it isn't reasonable to expect to make major changes in such a short period of time.

In other words, don't starve yourself or skip meals...that usually backfires. However, you can do things to get a little progress going:

1. Cut out empty calories

Cut out sodas, juice, coffee drinks, alcohol or other beverages with calories. Keep a food journal and look for lower calorie substitutes for staple foods like milk, cheese, yogurt or bread.

2. Exercise

If you already exercise, add intensity to your current workouts by adding more time, an extra day of training or by working harder. Focus on workouts that give you the most bang for your buck such as interval training or circuit training. Be careful when adding intensity to your workouts. Too much can cause an overload injury that may leave you sidelined, so listen to your body and back off if you feel pain, fatigue or excessive soreness.

Workout Ideas:

If you're a beginner, ease into exercise. The last thing you want is to hobble down the aisle with a pulled muscle or sprained ankle.

Your body needs time to build the strength and endurance you need for frequent, intense workouts. Its best to start with a simple cardio and strength training program and plan for extra recovery days to deal with muscle soreness.

Beginner Workout Ideas:

3. Drink water

Dehydration can actually cause your body to retain water. Drinking water throughout the day can help you avoid bloating and it can even help you eat less. When you're thirsty, you may mistake that feeling for hunger and eat more calories than you need.

If you're exercising, you need to drink even more than normal, so make sure you're staying hydrated all day long.

4. Cut out the salt

Too much salt can cause you to retain water, which can pack on extra pounds.

5. Eat balanced meals

You may be tempted to skip meals or just nibble throughout the day, but you're better off with regular, balanced meals. You may even eat fewer calories overall if you eat satisfying meals that give you energy and keep you going:

How Not to Lose Weight

  1. Skipping meals: You may think you'll eat less if you skip meals, but that can backfire, making you so hungry that you end up eating even more. Don't forget, if you don't eat enough calories, your body won't burn as many calories.
  2. Fad diets: Extreme diets promise instant weight loss, but many are unhealthy and cut your calories so low, your body may end up holding onto fat in order to fuel itself.
  3. Diet pills or fat burning supplements: Many diet pills and supplements also promise fast weight loss, but many don't work and they aren't regulated, so there's no way to know if you're getting what's listed in the ingredients.
  4. Excessive exercise Too many brides-to-be go from sedentary to 2-hour workouts to lose weight quickly. However, when you do more than your body can handle, you risk burnout, soreness and injury. Exercising for hours a day at high intensities can be just as bad as not exercising at all.
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