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Interval training and circuit training are fantastic ways to add intensity and variety to your workouts. Several of our walking workouts feature intervals of faster and slower walking. But how do you know when you are at the end of an interval? While you may be able to set an alarm on your watch or pedometer, I found the Gymboss to be a very nifty gadget that makes it easy to set two interval alarms. I also appreciated that it vibrated as well as beeped.

How the Gymboss Interval Timer Works

You can clip the Gymboss timer to your waistband like a pedometer, or your can carry it in your pocket. You can set one or two interval times and it will run them in succession. At the end of the interval, it will beep and/or vibrate. There are two settings for beep volume and you can choose whether it beeps for one, two, five, or nine seconds. Because I often walk listening to my iPod, and my hearing isn't what it used to be, I found the vibrate function to be very valuable. I couldn't ignore the vibration. This is a big advantage over setting your sports watch or pedometer, which might beep but not vibrate.

Take for example the Threshhold Walking Workout variation with walking at aerobic speed for 8 minutes, followed by a two minute slower period, repeating three to four times. You set alarm one on the Gymboss for eight minutes and alarm two for two minutes. After you do a warm-up and maybe stop for stretch, start the Gymboss and get into the first interval. It will beep/vibrate at the end and you slow down for the two-minute interval. When it beeps/vibrates again you pick up the pace for the next eight minutes. It will repeat this cycle continuously, or you can program it to stop after a given number of repetitions.

I found the set-up and operation to be easy. The drawback is that it doesn't store different workout settings, so if you want to switch to the Economy Workout the next day, you have to program it for that one the day you want to do it.

Stopwatch Function But No Lap Timer or Memory

The Gymboss can also function as a stopwatch. Just select the stopwatch function and stop, start, and reset it to use as a stopwatch.

This is an interval signaler rather than a lap timer. It doesn't store any workout data. If you want to use it to time laps with the stopwatch function, you will need to record those times in some other way.

  • Water Resistance: None of the models are water-resistant. However, the Plus model is water and sweat resistant and can be used outside, even in the rain.
  • Battery: It uses a single AAA battery that is easy to replace.
  • Comfort: It is comfortable to wear on your waistband, it is about the size of most pedometers.

Bottom Line on Gymboss

I was pleased with the Gymboss for interval timing. I can see using it for interval walking workouts on the treadmill as well as outdoors. I also think it will be very valuable for timing at-home circuit workouts. I would generally look for the interval signaling function on my existing sports watch, pedometer, or heart rate monitor rather than buying a single-purpose device (actually, dual purpose as it is also a stopwatch). But the vibrate signal function is the dealmaker for me, as I can't get that function with most other devices. My hearing acuity is fading, so the vibrate signal is very useful.

Gymboss also makes a Gymboss miniMAX that stores up to 20 different intervals.

Product samples were provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.

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