10 Group Cycling Must-Haves


A Men's and Women's Guide

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Group cycling is one of those activities where it's important to have the right gear. Spending a long time in the saddle while doing high intensity interval training means you need apparel that's supportive enough to stands up to the heat. Check out my favorite apparel selections for men and women.


Men: A Jewel's-Saving Cycle Short

Pearl Izumi

Guys, if you're new to cycling, you may not feel comfortable wearing traditional, spandex-tight cycling shorts. That's okay. Just don't settle for running shorts or basketball shorts in their place. Instead, pick up a pair of loose-fit shorts designed specifically for cycling, like the Pearl Izumi Canyon Short. These offer the jewel-saving comfort of a built in chamois to pad your "sit bones."


Men: A Moisture-Wicking Top


In addition to the right shorts, you're going to want a truly moisture-wicking top that's designed to keep up with the sweat of a high intensity workout. The Ibex W2 Sport Tank made of Merino wool and nylon will help pull sweat away from your body so you can stay as dry as possible throughout your workout.


Men and Women: A Great Pair of Socks


Ladies and men, your feet are going to take a beating during your group cycling class! This may not be a high-impact beating, a la running, but they're going to be put through the paces nonetheless. That means you need a sock that will keep up with the burn. Feetures High Performance Ultra Light socks are the perfect solution. Thin and lightweight, they won't take up much room in your cycling shoes. They're designed to wick away sweat, provide  ventilation through the sock's upper, and prevent the heel from sliding down into the back of your shoe. They also come in a range of colors appropriate for men and women.


Men: A Post-Workout Pullover


All that sweating can leave you cold after class. Pack a comfy hoodie in your bag so you can take off your sweaty top and stay warm as you leave the studio. I love the Men's Travel Hoodie from super.natural. The fabric wicks moisture six times faster than Merino wool and dries 55% quicker — definitely important for a post-workout pullover.


Women: A Great Sports Bra

Cozy Orange

Ladies, don't underestimate the importance of a good sports bra during cycling class. The Vikasa Yoga Sports Bra from Cozy Orange offers the perfect combination of support and style. The bra includes breathable mesh to help keep you cool, removable foam cups to give you shape, and wider straps that criss-cross for additional support.


Women: A Moisture-Wicking Jersey


Like the guys, women are going to want a top that's will keep them dry, even after a tough set of pretend hills. Sugoi specializes in cycling, running and triathlon apparel, so you know their RPM Jersey won't disappoint. In addition to its moisture-wicking fabric, attractive shape and pretty colors, the jersey also has a handy pocket across the back where you can store your locker key or gym ID.


Women: A High-Performance Bike Knicker


These Sugoi Verve Bike Knickers may look like standard workout capris, but looks can be deceiving. The performance stretch, wicking material will keep you dry throughout your class, while the built-in chamois offers the support you need to keep you in the saddle. Plus, the ruched leg opening and clean lines make these knickers incredibly figure-flattering.


A Cute Bike Skirt

Skirt Sports

Sometimes you just want to wear something a little more "girlie" when heading to the gym. Enter: Skirt Sports' Gym Girl Ultra skort with built-in "shorties" underneath the skirt. It will look just as great on the bike as it does heading out for coffee after your workout. Just remember — these don't have a built-in chamois, so you might want to wear panties with a chamois liner for "sit bone" support.


Women: A Post-Workout Pullover


Like the guys, ladies are going to want a coverup to keep warm after a grueling cycling workout. Strip off your wet workout top and replace with a cozy, lightweight sweatshirt, like this one from super.natural. Like the men's version, this super.natural top also dries faster than Merino wool, and it's cozy and cute, to boot!


Men and Women: Acoustic Filters


If you're new to group cycling, you may be surprised at how loudly the music booms through the speakers. If your ears are sensitive, or you just want to protect yourself from hearing loss (a wise move), consider picking up a set of Dubs Acoustic Filters. They look and act like fashion-forward ear plugs, but instead of muffling sound, they filter the sound, reducing the impact of loud music, but still enabling you to hear the instructors' cues.

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