Trace Gluten in Your Favorite "Gluten-Free" Foods

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Most products marketed as "gluten-free" still contain a tiny bit of gluten ... some more than others. And people with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity can have very different reactions (or no reaction at all) to these trace amounts of gluten in our foods.

If you find yourself experiencing gluten reactions to foods labeled "gluten-free," you may need to limit the amount of trace gluten in your diet.

But how do you do that?

First, you'll need to understand how these foods specifically marked "gluten-free" still are allowed to contain some gluten. You'll also need to learn how this trace gluten is measured, and how you might react to it. 

In the following table, you'll find major manufacturers of "gluten-free" products, plus the gluten parts per million (ppm) to which those products are tested. Note: products listed are reported as containing less than the stated level of gluten — for example a GF-10 product reportedly contains less than 10ppm of gluten, while a GF-20 product reportedly contains less than 20 ppm of gluten.

Please also note that I haven't tested these products myself; instead, I'm basing this table on information provided by the companies themselves, plus data provided by organizations that provide gluten-free certification.

Gluten PPM Table

Company"Gluten-Free" ProductsGluten PPM LevelSource of InformationNotes
Aleia's Gluten-Free Foodsbreads, bread crumbs, cookies, croutons, stuffingGF-10certified by GFCO 
Amy's Kitchenfrozen meals, soups, pizzas, snacksGF-20reported by companyShared facility
Applegate FarmsOrganic and natural meat productsGF-10 for GF chicken nuggets, GF-20 for other productsCompany report/GFCO certifiedGFCO-certified for chicken nuggets but not for other products
Bakery on MainGranola and energy barsGF-10GFCO-certifiedSome products contain gluten-free oatmeal or oats
Ball Park Frankshot dogsGF-?reported by companyBall Park Franks says it will list any gluten ingredients on the label
Bar-Shot dogsGF-?reported by companyBar-S corn dogs contain gluten; others contain no gluten ingredients
Ben & Jerry'sIce cream and frozen dessertsN.A.Company statementBen & Jerry's will call out any gluten-containing ingredients on the product's label and works with suppliers to verify ingredients but does not test for gluten in its finished products.
Betty Crocker Gluten-FreeBisquick, baking mixesGF-20reported by companygluten-free facility; one product tested below GF-5 by Gluten-Free Watchdog
Bisquickgluten-free baking mixGF-20reported by companyBisquick is made by General Mills, which uses some shared facilities
Breyer'sIce cream and frozen dessertsN.A.Company reportedBreyer's, a Unilever company, will disclose gluten-containing ingredients clearly on the label but does not test for PPM levels in its finished products. Breyer's does not label its products "gluten-free."
Boar's Headcold cuts, luncheon meats, cheese, hot dogsGF-20reported by companyEverything except for soups (which contain gluten) is made in a separate, gluten-free facility, and the company works with its suppliers to obtain GF supplies
Bob's Red Millflours, mixes, baking suppliesGF-20reported by companyGluten-free facility; products share lines with gluten-free oats
BOLD Organicsfrozen pizzaGF-5certified by CSAPizzas also dairy-free
Canyon Bakehousebread, focaccia, buns, muffinsGF-5reported by companyGluten-free facility; in-house and independent testing of products
Canyon Bakehousebread, focaccia, buns, muffinsGF-5reported by companyGluten-free facility; in-house and independent testing of products
Cheerios cerealsgluten-free cerealGF-20reported by companyCheerios are made by General Mills. This product contains oats and has been subject to a recall due to significant cross-contamination
Chobani YogurtyogurtGF-10certified by GFCO 
Country Life Vitaminsvitamins and supplementsGF-10certified by GFCO 
Dove Chocolatechocolate bars, ice creamGF-20reported by companyAlways read the label, as some flavors contain gluten.
Dreyer's/Edy'sIce cream and frozen dessertsGF-20Company reportedDreyer's and Edy's will label products "gluten-free" that are considered to meet standards.
Eat Smart/Snyder's of Hanoverpotato chips and vegetable chipsGF-10certified by GFCO 
Endangered Species Chocolatechocolate barsGF-10GFCO-certifiedAll flavors of Endangered Species chocolate are gluten-free.
Ener-Gbreads, crackers, cookies, cereal, flours, mixesGF-5reported by company 
Food Should Taste Goodchips and snack foodsGF-10GFCO-certified 
Freeda Vitaminsvitamins and supplementsGF-5certified by CSA 
Frito-Laychips, snacksGF-20, GF-?reported by companyCompany tests products on its gluten-free list to GF-20; other products contain no gluten ingredients but are not tested
General MillsChex cereals and other productsGF-20reported by companySome products manufactured on shared lines, others manufactured in the gluten-free section of a shared facility
Glutenfreeda Foodshot and cold cereals and frozen foodsGF-5reported by companyGluten-free facility, stringent testing protocol - foods always test below 5ppm and generally below 2.5ppm
Gluten-Free Pantrybaking mixesGF-10reported by companyGluten-free facility
Glutinobread, pasta, cereal, snacks, frozen mealsGF-10reported by company 
Häagen-DazsIce cream and frozen dessertsGF-20reported by companyHäagen-Dazs says it uses gluten-containing ingredients only in obvious places, such as in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.
Kettle Brandpotato chipsGF-20reported by companyKettle makes only gluten-free chips, and manufactures them in a GF environment, according to the company
King Arthur Flourgluten-free mixes and flour productsGF-10GFCO-certifiedProducts made in a dedicated gluten-free facility
Kinnikinnick Foodsbreads, cookies, mixes, muffins, snacks, pizza shellsGF-5reported by companyGluten-free facility; in-house testing of ingredients, finished products
Kraft Foodswide range of food productsGF-20, GF-?reported by companyKraft products labeled "gluten-free" meet GF-20 standards; otherwise, Kraft will disclose gluten ingredients but not potential cross-contamination
Miller's Mustardflavored mustardGF-5certified by CSA 
Nabiscorice crackersGF-20made in shared facility 
Pamela's ProductsBaking mixes, cookies, biscottiGF-5reported by companyPamela's reports that it tests everything to ensure it falls below 5 parts per million of gluten.
Pillsburyready-to-bake dough productsGF-20reported by companyPillsbury is made by General Mills, which uses some shared facilities
POPchipspotato chipsGF-10GFCO-certified 
Rudi's Gluten-Freebreads, rolls, tortillasGF-10certified by GFCOShared facility
Sabretthot dogs, sausage, salami, corned beefGF-10certified by GFCOcocktail franks in pastry are not gluten-free
Scharffen Berger Chocolategourmet chocolate barsGF-20reported by companyScharffen Berger is owned by Hershey's
Snyders of HanoverpretzelsGF-10certified by GFCO 
So DeliciousFrozen desserts, nut milk, yogurtGF-10Certified by GFCO 
Three Bakersbreads, pizza, bunsGF-5reported by companyGluten-free facility
Turkey Hill DairyIce creamGF-20reported by companyTurkey Hill marks flavors it considers to meet gluten-free standards with "gluten-free."
Udi's Gluten-Freebreads, granola, rolls, cookies, muffins, pizzaGF-10certified by GFCOGluten-free facility
Wellshire Farmsham, hot dogs, lunch meats, bacon, sausageGF-10GFCO-certified 
Whole Foods Gluten-Free Bakehousebreads, rolls, pies, muffins, pastriesGF-5Reported by companyGluten-free facility
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