Gluten-Free Pizza Restaurants

7 Top Restaurant Chains Setting the New Standard

Gluten-free pizzas have come a long way in the past 10 years. Today, it is relatively easy to find a gluten-free pizza in almost every state with major restaurant chains fully embracing the dietary trend.

In fact, according to research from the London-based market research firm Mintel, the number of gluten-free pizzas launched between 2012 and 2015 soared by an impressive 58 percent. Most experts believe that the trend will only continue as more independent and franchise pizzerias hop aboard the gluten-free bandwagon.

Here is an overview of just some of the national and regional chains currently offering gluten-free pizzas on their takeout and dine-in menus:


Uno Chicago Grill
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Uno Chicago Grill, a casual restaurant chain with over 150 locations in 24 states, offers three types of gluten-free pizza: cheese, pepperoni, and veggie. All contain soy, egg, yeast, and milk ingredients.

While the company says that it takes "​tremendous strides to identify all forms of gluten and gluten derivatives" in the foods they prepare in-house, it cannot guarantee that its pizzas won't get cross-contaminated in the kitchen.



Godfather's Pizza
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Godfather's Pizza, with locations in 40 states, offers six different gluten-free pizzas for delivery or pick-up: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, beef, all-meat combo, and classic combo.

All of the pizzas are prepared off-site at a facility certified gluten-free to five parts per million by the Celiac Sprue Association. Once prepared, the pizzas will remain individually wrapped until they go through the final baking process at the stores.

Not all of the chain's 600-plus restaurants offer gluten-free pizza, and some only offer bake-at-home versions.



Pizza Hut
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Pizza Hut's gluten-free pizzas, made with crusts from Udi's Gluten-Free, are certified gluten-free to below 10 parts per million.

The kitchen training manual was designed in coordination with the Gluten-Free Food Service Training and Management certification program to better protect against gluten cross-contamination.

You can purchase gluten-free pizzas at select Pizza Hut locations nationwide, available in either plain cheese or pepperoni-and-cheese.



BJ's Brewhouse

BJ's Brewhouse, a dine-in chain with more than 190 locations in 13 states, includes a thin-crust, gluten-free pizza as part of its extensive gluten-free menu.

The 10-inch, gluten-free pizza crust can be topped with nearly all of BJ's regular toppings; only the meatballs are considered non-gluten-free.

While BJ's takes great effort to adhere to gluten-free standards, it does so voluntarily. Standards can vary from store to store. If ordering gluten-free, be sure to speak with your server to ensure extra care is taken to avoid cross-contamination.



Boston's Gourmet Pizza
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Boston's Gourmet Pizza, a casual dining restaurant with locations in 23 states, rolled out its gluten-free crust in 2009.

Today, most of the company's "Pizza Masterpieces" are available gluten-free with such favorites as Tropical Chicken, Ultimate Pepperoni, and Mama Meata pizzas The gluten-free crusts are entirely made with soy, egg, yeast, and milk.

As with BJ's Brewhouse, preparation standards can vary from restaurant to restaurant, so take extra care to ensure your server understands the importance of avoiding cross-contamination.



Margharita Pizza

Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza, an up-and-coming pizza delivery chain with locations in five states, offers thin-crusted, gluten-free pizzas in all of its stores.

The company has taken some fairly stringent precautions against gluten cross-contamination, including the use of separate storage, utensils, and sauce containers for all of its gluten-free food preparations. Moreover, it uses gluten-free flour for the "slapping" of all of its pizzas so that even the airborne flour is entirely gluten-free.




zpizza, an eclectic, casual pizza chain with locations in more than 16 states, offers a multitude of gluten-free and vegan menu items.

The chain's gluten-free pizza crust, made with rice, tapioca, and potato flours, is certified 100% vegan. Most of its pizza toppings and sauces are also gluten-free, while a gluten-free cheese substitute is available for those following a dairy-free and GFCF diet.


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