7 Gluten-Free Condiments You'll Love (Plus 51 More to Try)

Condiments are among the most useful ingredients for people who like to make food interesting—you can use them to spice up a sandwich, dip your chips or carrot sticks, or as a marinade for beef, chicken, or fish. But when you follow the gluten-free diet, you might feel as if you're limited to a few options—ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise among them—that you know for sure are gluten-free.


Truthfully, there's no need to limit yourself to somewhat conventional condiments. Your options range from the sweet (Virginia Chutney Co.'s Major Grey's Mango Chutney) to the spicy (Boar's Head Pub Style Horseradish Sauce, Outerbridge's Sherry Peppers, and Stonewall Kitchen's Basil Pesto Aioli).

There also are options that allow you to create gluten-free versions of your favorite Thai and Chinese foods (Sky Valley General Tso Sauce and Thai Kitchen Gluten-Free Fish Sauce).

The seven tasty and unique condiments highlighted below (and the 51 additional products produced by the same companies), are safely gluten-free.

What can you do with these condiments? It's up to you. Start with choosing one to spread on a great sandwich (on gluten-free bread, of course), and experiment from there. And the next time someone tells you gluten-free food doesn't taste very good, share a meal spiced up with one or more of these condiments. They'll concede that gluten-free food can taste great.


Boar's Head Pub Style Horseradish Sauce

boar's head horseradish sauce
 Courtesy of Boar's Head

Website: Boar's Head

You probably know Boar's Head for its gluten-free deli meats and cheeses. But this mainstay of the deli counter also produces gluten-free condiments, and this creamy Pub Style Horseradish Sauce stands out as a sauce you'd enjoy spreading on a roast beef sandwich (maybe one made with a gluten-free roll). 

Ingredients include: canola oil, horseradish, vinegar (which may be distilled from gluten grains), sugar, egg yolks, xanthan gum, lemon juice, salt, ground mustard seeds, and tocopherol (a natural preservative).

If you're not interested in horseradish sauce, Boar's Head also makes a wide array of other condiments, all of which are safely gluten-free:

  • Deli dressing (extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar with spices)
  • Deli-style, yellow, and honey mustard
  • "Gourmaise" flavored mayonnaise in two flavors, including Bold Fiery Chipotle and Pepperhouse
  • Jalapeño Pepper sauce

It's pretty simple to use Boar's Head Pub Style Horseradish Sauce (or any of the company's other gluten-free condiments) on Boar's Head cold cuts or cheeses for a delicious sandwich or snack. Find it in the deli section of grocery stores that stock Boar's Head products.


Outerbridge's Original Sherry Peppers

Outerbridge's sherry pepper sauce
 Courtesy of Outerbridge's

 Website: Outerbridge's Sherry Peppers

According to Outerbridge's, sailors centuries ago fortified barrels of sherry with fiery hot peppers and used the resulting sherry peppers to spice up (and mask the taste of) what were otherwise pretty rancid shipboard rations. In the 19th century, some of these sailors shared their secret with residents of Bermuda, who grew the peppers for the sauce.

Now, Outerbridge's Original Sherry Peppers is almost synonymous with Bermudian cuisine. Fortunately for those who follow the gluten-free diet, the company's sherry peppers products all are gluten-free, including:

  • Devilishly Hot Sherry Pepper Sauce
  • Mustard Sauce
  • Original Sherry Pepper Sauce
  • Rum Pepper Sauce
  • Sherry Rum Pepper Sauce
  • Wine Vinegar Sauce

Ingredients for the original sauce include: sherry wine, natural flavors, peppers, caramel color (gluten-free), and spices.

Note that Outerbridge's also makes several products that are not gluten-free (they contain unsafe Worcestershire sauce). Steer clear of: Swashbucking Steak Sauce, Sizzling Soy Sauce (made from wheat-containing soy sauce), Bloody Mary Fix, and Outerbridge's BBQ sauces.

It can be difficult to find Outerbridge's products in stores in the U.S., but if you don't happen to be visiting Bermuda, you can order them online.


Pickapeppa Sauce

original pickapeppa sauce
 Courtesy of Pickapeppa

 Website: Pickapeppa 

You might be familiar with the original Pickapeppa sauce, which has spiced up many a block of cream cheese (Pickapeppa drizzled over cream cheese is a favorite—and easy-to-make—appetizer).

But you may not be aware that Pickapeppa offers five different sauces and two marinades, all of which are gluten-free. 

You can choose from:

  • Original Pickapeppa (the dark brown sauce)
  • Pickapeppa Gingery Mango Sauce
  • Pickapeppa Hot Mango Sauce (be aware this is quite hot)
  • Pickapeppa Hot Red Pepper Sauce (again, be aware this is quite hot)
  • Pickapeppa Original Jerk Marinade
  • Pickapeppa Spicy Jerk Marinade
  • Pickapeppa Spicy Mango Sauce

Ingredients are simple: cane vinegar (derived from sugar cane, not gluten grains), sugar, tomatoes, onions, raisins, sea salt and ginger, plus mango in some sauces.

Use the sauces and the marinades to spice up beef, chicken, fish or vegetable dishes (and of course on top of cream cheese, with gluten-free crackers). You most likely can find the original Pickapeppa sauce in well-stocked local grocery stores, and the rest can be ordered online.


Sky Valley General Tso Sauce

sky valley general tso sauce
 Courtesy Sky Valley

Website: Sky Valley Foods

When you go gluten-free, it can be tough to find good Chinese food... or the ready-to-use sauces you'd like to have to make that food quickly and easily at home. If you miss General Tso's Chicken, this sauce will let you make it gluten-free.

The sauce is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and certified organic, and ingredients include: cane sugar, rice vinegar, tamari sauce (gluten-free soy sauce), garlic, ginger, scallions, sesame oil, crushed red pepper, xanthan gum, and sesame seeds.

General Tso's sauce gets top billing because gluten-free Chinese sauces are so difficult to find, but Sky Valley Foods Organicville also makes a wide variety of additional gluten-free condiments, including:

  • Korean BBQ sauce
  • Sriracha sauce
  • Sweet chili sauce
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Thai peanut sauce
  • Tikka Masala sauce
  • Verde sauce
  • Enchilada sauce
  • Taco sauce
  • Mole sauce

Use these products for Indian, Thai, or Mexican recipes. You can find a few Sky Valley sauces in more upscale grocery stores, but for the most variety you'll need to order online. 


Stonewall Kitchen Basil Pesto Aioli

stonewall kitchen basil pesto aioli
 Courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen

Website: Stonewall Kitchen

Aioli can be substituted almost anyplace you use mayonnaise, adding a flavorful punch to your sandwich or salad. Use aioli as a vegetable dip, spread it on chicken, or drizzle it over roasted potatoes. It's delicious as a sauce for hard-boiled eggs, too.

Stonewall Kitchen's Basil Pesto Aioli is a customer favorite for sandwiches, with its flavorful mix of cheese, basil, and mustard.

Ingredients include: canola oil, parmesan cheese, basil, olive oil, ground walnuts, pine nuts, lemon juice concentrate, minced garlic, salt, pepper, eggs, Dijon mustard, white vinegar, natural flavor and mixed tocopherols (used as a preservative).

Stonewall Kitchen has plenty of additional gluten-free condiments to choose, including more gluten-free aioli flavors:

  • Lemon-Herb Aioli
  • Sriracha Aioli
  • Ghost Pepper Aioli (extremely hot, so beware)
  • Buffalo Aioli

Note that only some of the company's products are considered gluten-free (most of the rest have no gluten ingredients, but haven't been designated gluten-free). Look for the "gluten-free" notation on the front of the jar. Fresh Market and other upscale grocery stores carry Stonewall Kitchen products, or buy them online.


Thai Kitchen Premium Fish Sauce

thai kitchen fish sauce
 Courtesy of Thai Kitchen

Website: Thai Kitchen

Thai dishes such as curries and pad thai require fish sauce, but up until recently, it was difficult to find a fish sauce you could be confident was gluten-free. Thai Kitchen (owned by McCormick Spices) stepped into the void with its Premium Fish Sauce.

Ingredients are simple, and include: anchovy extract, salt, and unrefined cane sugar.

Thai Kitchen also offers plenty of additional gluten-free sauces and condiments, including:

  • Peanut Satay Sauce
  • Original Pad Thai Sauce
  • Green Curry Paste
  • Red Curry Paste

Look for Thai Kitchen gluten-free fish sauce and other products in the International foods section of many well-stocked grocery stores.


Virginia Chutney Co.'s Major Grey's Mango Chutney

Virginia Chutney Co. Major Grey's Chutney
 Courtesy of Virginia Chutney Co.

Website: Virginia Chutney Co. 

Chutney—a bridge between Indian and British cuisines—originally was used as a condiment for curries. But it's also great for topping sandwiches, mixing with cream cheese to spread on crackers, and stirred into rice. Caribbean cuisine uses chutney on fish, and chutney pairs exceptionally well with cheese as an appetizer. Really, chutney can spice up any dish.

Most chutneys on the market have no gluten ingredients, but few guarantee their gluten-free status. Virginia Chutney Co. does guarantee their products are gluten-free, and their Major Grey's Mango Chutney contains just ten ingredients: mangoes, sugar, vinegar, ginger, salt, raisins, garlic, lime juice, cloves, and cinnamon.

Major Grey chutney is considered a milder variety of chutney, but if that's not to your taste, Virginia Chutney Co. also makes several other gluten-free condiments, including:

  • Spicy Plum Chutney
  • Sweet Peach Chutney
  • Hot Peach Chutney
  • Balsamic Fig Chutney
  • Cranberry Chutney

All are considered gluten-free, according to the company, which sells online and in stores.


Honorable Mention: Gluten-Free Ketchup, Mustard, and More

While the above condiments can make your food truly interesting, there are times when you don't want to be creative—you just want ketchup for your fries or mustard for your hot dog.

Fortunately, you have plenty of gluten-free options for the more conventional condiments, too:

A Word From Verywell

Practically everyone has jars and bottles of several different condiments in their refrigerator. The above ideas may lead to you filling up your refrigerator shelves with lots more bottles and jars... but they'll give you great options for recipes and meals, too. Since those following the gluten-free diet tend to do more cooking than most, you might find you appreciate some new flavors.

Note that while most of these companies have multiple gluten-free products, not everything they make is gluten-free—some contain no gluten ingredients but may be subject to gluten cross-contamination, and a few actually may contain gluten ingredients. Be careful shopping for gluten-free condiments, and only purchase a product you know for sure is safe.

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By Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson is a medical journalist and an expert in celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and the gluten-free diet.