Gluten-Free Casein-Free Frozen Pizzas

If you're following a gluten-free casein-free diet (GFCF) or a gluten-free dairy-free (GFDF) diet, you may think pizza — especially the convenience of frozen pizza — is out. Not true! You actually can buy frozen gluten-free casein-free pizza at the supermarket, or you can make your own using cheese substitutes and a frozen pizza crust that's free of gluten-based and dairy-based ingredients

Here's what's available for people following a gluten-free casein-free diet in GFCF pizzas:


Amy's Kitchen GFCF Frozen Pizza

Amy's GFCF frozen pizza
Amy's GFCF Frozen Pizza.


Amy's Kitchen produces a single-serving rice crust soy-based mozzarella frozen GFCF pizza and a rice crust frozen vegetable pizza. Both are gluten-free and no dairy ingredients, although both pizzas contain soy. The 14-inch roasted vegetable pizza can feed two people.

The products meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards to contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten.


BOLD Organics GFCF Frozen Pizza

BOLD Organics GFCF Frozen Pizza

BOLD Organics

Brand-new company BOLD Organics is making four different GFCF frozen pizzas: "cheese," veggie lovers, meat lovers and deluxe. All use a vegan cheese substitute based on tofu, and two of the pizzas (cheese and veggie lovers) also qualify as vegan gluten-free frozen pizzas.

BOLD Organics holds gluten-free certification from the Celiac Sprue Association, which requires products test below 5 parts per million in gluten cross-contamination. The company also holds organic and non-GMO certifications. Just make sure to grab the correct product, as BOLD Organics also makes regular pizzas (and the regular varieties seem to be more common in stores).


Ian's Soy Cheesy GFCF Pizza

Ian's GFCF pizza
Ian's GFCF pizza.

Ian's Natural Foods

Ian's Natural Foods offers several gluten-free casein-free frozen pizzas with a French bread crust that are aimed straight at kids who eat GFCF. The pizzas also are soy-free, egg-free and nut-free (the "cheese" is made from cornstarch, canola oil, rice maltodextrin, pea protein and arrowroot flour). The pizzas come in three flavors: pepperoni, "cheesy" and supreme. Ian's GFCF Pizza was a finalist in the 2012 Gluten-Free Readers' Choice Awards Best Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza category.

Each 8-ounce package of Ian's pizza includes two slices. Ian's tests its products to contain fewer than 20ppm of gluten.


Whole Foods 365 GFCF Frozen Pizza

365 Roasted vegetable pizza

Whole Foods Inc.

Whole Foods makes a GFCF frozen pizza under its 365 in-store brand label. The pizza includes no cheese substitutes; instead, it's topped with roasted vegetables.

The company labels this pizza as containing "no gluten ingredients" rather than calling it gluten-free because it's produced in a plant that also makes gluten-containing items. Whole Foods reports that the plant uses "good manufacturing procedures" to avoid cross-contamination.


Another Option: GFCF Frozen Pizza Crusts

Gluten Free pizza crusts

 Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.

If you want to make your own GFCF pizza using a pre-made crust, several of these will suit your diet. Udi's Gluten-Free Foods, Gillian's Foods, Glutino and Kinnikinnick all make gluten-free casein-free frozen pizza crusts. Some contain eggs and soy, though, so choose carefully if you're avoiding those ingredients as well.

You can top these GFCF pizzas with rice- or soy-based "cheese" from the supermarket — just make sure the faux cheese product doesn't contain casein because some do.

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