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When it comes to gluten-free bread (or any other bread, for that matter), the time-honored consensus is that homemade beats store-bought, anytime. A few years ago, this was very true, since a couple of gluten-free products on the market didn't offer much in terms of taste or texture.

But few of us have time to bake our own bread, and fortunately, gluten-free manufacturers have stepped up with an ever-broadening variety of excellent store-bought gluten-free bread products. Here's a rundown of what brands are available.


Canyon Bakehouse

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Canyon Bakehouse makes 7-Grain, Mountain White, Deli-Style Rye (which, of course, isn't really made from the gluten grain rye), Hawaiian, Hawaiian Sweet, Honey Oak, Multigrain, Ancient Grain, and Country White bread in addition to a variety of bagels and cinnamon-raisin bread for breakfast, and sandwich buns.

All can be purchased through the company's website. You also can find Canyon Bakehouse products in the bakery sections of more than 750 Target stores in the U.S. and at some grocery stores.

Canyon Bakehouse products are free of dairy, casein, nuts and soy, but include eggs. The company tests its products to make certain they contain less than 5 parts per million of gluten.



Ener-G, a Washington state company specializing in allergen-free products, offers a wide variety of bread, ranging from basic white tapioca sliced bread to high-fiber and multigrain loaves. Many of the bread varieties also come in "light" options including tapioca, brown rice, white rice flax, and more.

The company also offers bagels, hot dog and hamburger buns, English muffins, dinner rolls, and even traditional stuffing. Many of Ener-G's products cater to those with additional allergies or intolerances.

For example, you can purchase yeast-free gluten-free bread loaves in both brown and white rice flavors, plus egg-free raisin bread. Conventional supermarkets often stock one or more types of Ener-G bread, and you can order the products online.

Ener-G products are produced in a gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free and Kosher-certified facility.


Kinnikinnick Foods

Kinnikinnick Foods produces many different kinds of gluten-free breads, including whole grain, multigrain, white, and cinnamon-raisin. All are free of dairy, soy, and nuts, but contain corn, yeast, and potato.

As for egg, the company states that their bread "does not contain egg but is produced in a facility where egg ingredients are used in other products." The company also sometimes creates special limited edition breads, such as its "festival bread," a product that's filled with candied fruit and sold only in November and December. 

The University of Nebraska has certified Kinnikinnick's products to contain fewer than 5 parts per million of gluten, and the breads are produced in a nut-free facility.


New Grains Gluten-Free Bakery

New Grains Gluten-Free Bakery makes five different breads, including multigrain, cinnamon raisin, sourdough, white sandwich bread, and egg-free vegan-friendly white sandwich bread. All contain yeast, and all except for the egg-free bread contain eggs. None contain milk. The breads are available at several locations in Utah and Arizona, and online.

According to New Grains Bakery CEO and founder Tim Lawson, New Grains carefully sources all of its raw materials and grinds its own flour onsite from whole gluten-free grains in order to eliminate most sources of gluten cross-contamination.


Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery

Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery (not to be confused with Udi's Gluten-Free) makes a few different types of sliced breads including: cinnamon-raisin, homestyle multigrain, white sourdough, homestyle, and brioche. These products do contain eggs.

According to the company: "Our dedicated gluten-free bakery features state-of-the-art equipment and ovens that enable Rudi's to continue to grow with the market. Our organic and gluten free equipment is color-coded for easy segregation. All incoming ingredients are tested and certified to be gluten free. As part of our gluten free certification, every batch of our gluten free bread is tested and must test below <5 ppm of gluten for distribution. We also send product to an outside lab to validate our test results and ensure we have less than 5 ppm of gluten."

You can purchase Rudi's products online or in select supermarkets.

The breads are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization to contain less than 10 parts per million of gluten.


Schar USA

Schar USA offers a variety of gluten-free items, among them four sandwich bread products, including Artisan Baker white bread, Artisan Baker multigrain bread, Artisan Baker 10 Grains and Seeds, and deli-style bread.

All Schar sandwich breads are lactose-free as well as gluten-free, but contain soy.


Three Bakers

Three Bakers makes White Whole-Grain bread, Seven Ancient Grain bread, Rye Whole-Grain bread, Cinnamon Raisin bread, Brioche, Golden Flax bread, Great Seed Whole Grain and Seven Seeds bread, and MaxOmega Whole-Grain bread. All contain eggs and yeast. You can buy gluten-free breads from Three Bakers online or through some stores.

All breads and other products from Three Bakers have been tested to contain fewer than 5 parts per million of gluten.


Udi's Gluten-Free

Udi's Gluten-Free offers several different breads, among them Delicious Whole Grain Sandwich Bread, Delicious White Sandwich Bread, Millet-Chia bread, Omega Flax and Fiber Bread, and Cinnamon Raisin Bread. The breads include tapioca and brown rice ingredients, along with eggs. You can buy Udi's products in many grocery stores, plus at the company's online store.

Udi's is certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, which tests to below 10 parts per million of gluten.

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By Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson is a medical journalist and an expert in celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and the gluten-free diet.