What Is the Gluten-Free Diet?

A gluten-free diet becomes easier once you understand what gluten is and where it's found. Learn who can benefit from this diet and which foods to include.
Lettuce taco gluten free
What to Expect When You Follow the Gluten-Free Diet
gluten free diet
What Is the Gluten-Free Diet and Who Should Follow It?
woman applying moisturizer
9 Brands With Gluten-Free Moisturizer Options
xanthan gum in container
Why Xanthum Gum Is Used as a Cooking Ingredient
woman with insomnia in bed
These Gluten-Free Sleep Aids Will Help You Get the Rest You Need
Deli meat
9 Gluten-Free Deli Meat Brands to Build Your Sandwich
Woman weighing herself on scale
How Gaining Weight Can Be Difficult for Underweight and Celiac People
Woman using lip balm
13 Gluten-Free Lip Balm Brands With Lip-Smacking Flavors
Gluten-free baked beans nutrition facts
Gluten-Free Baked Beans: 4 Brands You Can Trust
woman with allergies in field
These Gluten-Free Allergy and Sinus Drugs Will Stop Your Sniffles
woman with cold on couch with tissues
Got the Flu? These Cough, Cold, and Flu Medications are Gluten-Free
woman pouring olive oil on tomatoes and mozzarella
6 Recommended Brands of Gluten-Free Olive Oil
small containers of condiments
58 Condiments You Probably Didn't Know Are Really Gluten-Free
glass of mead
Is Mead Gluten-Free? Learn When It's Safe to Try
worcestershire sauce poured on steak
3 Best Gluten-Free Worcestershire Sauce Brands
Gluten-free pickles
Pickle Brands You Can Trust When You're Gluten-Free
Woman at the deli counter
6 Surprising Supermarket Foods to Avoid When You're Gluten-Free
Pickle relish in a bowl
5 Relish Brands That Are Reliably Gluten-Free
steak on grill being brushed with sauce
What Steak Sauce Can You Use When You're Gluten-Free?
Nutritional yeast
Know Which Types of Yeast to Avoid When You're Gluten-Free
Three bowls of nuts
Brands That Offer Gluten-Free Nuts and Peanuts
light beer on bar at restaurant
Are Corona, Bud Light, and Michelob Ultra Really Gluten-Free?
Protein powder in a shake
13 Gluten-Free Protein Powders for Shakes and Smoothies
frozen food aisle
Gluten-Free Frozen Dinners: Everything from Mac & Cheese to Thai
11 Best Gluten-Free Popcorn Brands
Going gluten free
7 Mistakes People Make When Going Gluten-Free
Hot sauce
You Still Have Hot Sauce on Your Food With Gluten-Free Options
Gluten-free pasta sauce nutrition facts
So Many Choices in Pasta Sauces but Which Ones Are Truly Gluten-Free?
Assorted Fruits
An Overview of Gluten-Free Snacks
drinking alcohol with friends
People With Gluten Sensitivity Still Have Many Alcohol Options
Does Meat Glue Contain Gluten, or Not?
Do All Grains Have Gluten? Yes, But Not "That" Kind
stuffed turkey
5 Things Not To Do on Thanksgiving If You're Gluten-Free
gluten-free cookie dough
These Gluten-Free Ready-to-Bake Products Offer Plenty of Convenience
Almond flour
The Many Uses of Almond Flour and Meal
8 Gluten-Free Grains to Try
Pumpernickel bread
What Foods Should People on a Gluten-Free Diet Avoid?
baking with gluten-free ingredients
7 Tips for Starting a Gluten-Free Diet
bread in toaster
8 Easy Steps to Kick Gluten to the Curb—Permanently
lactase and lactose intolerance
What Can You Eat When You're Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free?
Is Buckwheat Safe for Those on a Gluten-Free Diet?
The Three Gluten Grains
Assorted Fruits
Healthy and Quick Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas
gluten-free restaurant cards app
Use Restaurant Cards to Explain Your Gluten-Free Needs to Chefs
How to Eat Gluten-Free at Disney World and Disneyland
gluten-free car travel
7 Tips to Stay Gluten-Free When You're Taking a Road Trip
gluten-free airline meal
Gluten-Free Airplane and Airport Options With Keeping TSA in Mind
gluten-free apps
Gluten-Free Apps To Make Food Shopping and Dining Out a Lot Easier
server taking order
7 Tips to Keep You Safe While Ordering Gluten-Free Chinese Food
Eating Gluten-Free and Ordering Sushi? Don't Make These Mistakes!
How To Make Gluten-Free Food Your Family and Friends Will Love
gluten-free guest preparation
How to Make Safe Food for Your Gluten-Free Guest
gluten-free listings on yelp
Gluten-Free Apps to Help You Find a Great Restaurant
Frozen yogurt in an ice cream cone
Gluten-Free Frozen Yogurt Options
Tray of gluten free pastries Tray of gluten free pastries
How Do You Dine Out While Gluten-Free?
woman baking with flour
6 Steps To Creating the Perfect Completely Gluten-Free Kitchen
toaster with bread
Going Gluten-Free? Replace These 12 Kitchen Tools Immediately
Ikea Kitchen
How to Share a Kitchen With Gluten Eaters Safely
Need Gluten-Free Baby Food? Here's What's Available
Boy eating Smores
You Can Make S'Mores With Gluten-Free Graham Crackers