Glowing and Blinking Gear for Walkers and Runners

Lighted Gear for Fun and Safety

Whether you just go out to walk the dog at dawn or dusk or if you're walking or running a night race, glowing and blinking is a great idea. It adds an extra measure of night walking safety so traffic can see you when you walk in the dark. But you may also be looking for glowing gear to add to your race costume. It still has to be functional and can't irritate you or be fussy to wear. Here are some samples of items that go beyond the old-school reflective vests.


LED Wigs and Hair Extensions
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If you want to stand out from the crowd at night, this will get you some attentio. LED wigs and hair extensions come in various colors and configurations. But try it out on shorter distance walks before committing to wearing it through a 10K or half marathon.


LED Shoelaces

Nite Beams LED Shoelaces
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These fun shoelaces from Nite Beams have four modes: fast flash, slow flash, constant on, and off. The battery pack holds a replaceable CR-2025 coin battery. To light up your shoes, simply press it and choose the mode. They are hand-washable. You can tie them like any regular shoelaces to get a good fit for your shoe. But when you're ready to party, turn them on.


4id PowerSpurz
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This LED shoe safety clip light is great for both every day use and for adding to a festive race costume. It gets big bonus points for being easy to put on and remove from any of your shoes. You simply slip it around the heel of your shoe. It has a continuous light mode and a flashing mode. Just press the side button to change modes. It is powered by two replaceable CR-2032 coin batteries, which should last for 70 hours in continuous mode and 100 hours in flashing mode. They warn that it may scratch leather shoes, but should be fine for most athletic shoes.



pink Powerbudz
Wendy Bumgardner

Add some fun up top with these blinking LED earbuds. They have a motion-activated Pulse mode and a steady flashing mode. If you like to plug into your tunes when out walking or running, these will help you be a bit more visible (although they are not meant as a safety light). For races, be sure to check first as to whether they forbid using earbuds or headphones. If they do, these are a fun addition to your night race gear. They are powered by two replaceable CR1220 batteries. They come in four fun colors.


Glowing and blinking aren't just for humans. Your dog can sport some bling with a LED leash and/or collar. The Nite Beams version has long-lasting LED lights the length of the leash and collar, with a constant on, flashing, and off mode. Canine reviewers enjoyed wearing them.




These are strictly for fun; you lace them through your shoelaces and they flash when you move. Save these for fun night walks and races as they don't have replaceable batteries. They should last for 150,000 flashes. Let's see, if they flash each step, they should last through two marathons or five half marathons or 13 5K races.



Nite Beams Double Vision Hat`
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When you're not feeling crazy enough to wear a lighted mohawk or hair extensions, try this hat. The five bright LED lights in front light up your path when you turn it on. In back, two red LED lights can be set to constant on, flashing, or off. Nite Beams also sells the same configuration in a visor and in a beanie.



Nathan Zephyr Fire Runner's Flashlight
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This flashlight has a blinking rear red light for safety, and a handstrap so you don't have to grip it or risk dropping it. It is angled downward to put the light just where you need it on the path ahead. It also has an emergency siren. It recharges via USB so you don't have to buy batteries. Check out our full review.



You can have fun gearing up for night walking events and races with glow sticks and hoops, glowing shoelaces, wristbands, hoops and more. There's a big range of items at



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