Glo Glov Reflective Safety Gloves

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The Glo Glov reflective safety glove is a great safety item for walkers, runners, bikers, and skaters. These night walking essentials provide great visibility and signal your presence to vehicles as you cross streets. You can wear these open-finger gloves by themselves in any weather, or over other gloves in colder weather. It is fun to "show them the triangle" when you cross a street. Also available in a bike rider style with padded, non-reflective palm.


  • High-visibility reflective triangle on palm and back of hand
  • Reflective strips on each finger for even more visibility if your hands are closed, you are holding onto handlebars, walking poles, etc.
  • Open-fingered design to wear by itself or over other gloves, in all seasons
  • They come in one size and stretch for larger hands and to go over other gloves


  • They aren't available in a closed-finger or mitten style.
  • Some people may prefer gloves in a variety of sizes.

Expert Review 

I feel like I am wearing the "Mighty Gloves of Power" when I wear these reflective gloves. I show the palm triangle to traffic as I cross streets, while I flash the strips and triangle on the back of the hand as I am walking.

Pedestrian safety experts agree that walkers and runners should wear reflective elements on the parts of your body that are moving. That way, when you use good arm motion in walking, the moving reflective elements of the gloves provide a constant safety factor.

I have medium-small hands, and these one-size gloves fit fine and provide lots of room while still feeling secure. They stretch to go on larger hands and over other gloves. I plan to keep these in the car for road emergencies as well.

The original purpose of Glo Glov was for traffic control. Now they come in a version for bike and motorcycle riders with a padded palm and no reflective triangle inside the palm. Be safe, be seen, and enjoy these "Gloves of Power."

When you walk at night, you can't be too visible. You simply need to wear reflective items from head to toe so traffic can see you and avoid you. Even if you are just walking a couple of blocks to the grocery stores, there are cars turning into driveways across your path, people backing out of parking spaces, etc. Add in the tendency for us to walk around staring at our mobile phones instead of our path and it's a recipe for disaster. Often both driver and walker are distracted!

I often discover my jackets and other gear don't have reflective elements, so I look for other items to add, such as Glo Glovs. I like keeping a pair handy in my walking pack and one in my car. Then they are ready whenever I want to take a walk or if I have to get out of my car in an emergency.

These are also a good part of a night race costume for those fun events. Gear up, be visible and get seen.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. 

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