I Love These Squat-Proof Bike Shorts so Much, I Sent a Pair to My Mom

Girlfriend Collective's High-Rise Bike Short is comfy—and currently 35% off

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Girlfriend Bike Shorts


In the world of athleisure, the squat test is a crucial element in choosing what to buy and what can stay on the rack. Most active individuals are familiar with this quality-check technique, grabbing a well-placed mirror, friend, or spouse as their squat test spotter. The goal? To find a pair of workout leggings or shorts that provides adequate coverage, even when stretched into a squat position. 

This shouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is. Retailers have been making running tights, leggings, bike shorts, workout underwear, and spandex for years now—you’d think that we could’ve made some progress and retired the squat test decades ago. But here I am, still literally bending over backward in the name of quality control. I need my workout attire to keep me snug, secure, and, most importantly, covered.

As a sporty gal, I’m on the constant hunt for attire that meets my demanding standards. My friends know this about me and, if they dare, send product recommendations my way that have a shot at being added to my very loyal brand roster. One of my most treasured, squat-proof recommendations from a friend is the High-Rise Bike Short from Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Black High-Rise Bike Short

Verywell Fit / Lily Moe

High-waisted bike shorts may seem like a dime a dozen. But let me be the first—and loudest—to confirm that others do not hold a candle to the quality and comfort you’ll find in a pair from Girlfriend Collective. The luxurious, compressive material has a “like a glove” fit, quickly conforming to your body for a protected, comfortable workout.

The material has an almost magical ability to stay put, as well—no more yanking your shorts down your thighs in the middle of a yoga flow or hiking the waist up before taking on another mile. I’ve worn these shorts for kickboxing, Pilates, hot yoga, running, rowing machines, and more. No matter what the intensity (or sweat!) level, they have held form. 

I rarely am as obsessed with a single product as I am with these bike shorts. But I loved them so much that I shipped a pair to my mom! Here’s the rundown that I gave her: 

  • Does not ride up/down  
  • High waisted
  • Comfortable length 
  • Fits true to size 
  • Variety of colors
  • Machine wash safe (I will confess, I throw mine in the dryer even though the instructions say to hang dry. They’ve always been fine and the material has yet to see any impact from the multiple washes I’ve put these through.) 
  • Ethically made 

These bike shorts are a product I will continue adding to my cart. I’ll also continue shipping it to my loved ones because when one of us finds a product that passes the squat test with flying colors, it should be shared. 

Girlfriend Collective Black High-Rise Bike Short

Girlfriend Collective

Right now, Girlfriend Collective's High-Rise Bike Short is 35 percent off. Grab your own pair (or two) before the price goes up again at girlfriend.com.

How can athletic wear be ethically made?

The conversation surrounding the historical lack of ethics within the garment industry is too long to dive into today. But what you need to know is that Girlfriend Collective puts sustainable, ethical practices first, both in the materials they source and the people who create the clothes they sell. These obsession-worthy bike shorts are made out of 79 percent recycled water bottles. The brand truly stands behind its commitment to ethical manufacturing—you can read all about its sustainability practices here